Pain Squad is a 2016 2D Fighter developed by Inora for The V². A game featuring new original characters developed by Sr.Wario, the game is based off of Darkstalkers as well as ZIN and unlike most fighting games here, is based off of traditional fighting games rather than Super Smash Bros.

Character ideas are welcome. Reception has been (TBA).



A power source known as PN-F66, or "Pain Power" crashes down from space, having the power to create rage and anger. The people of Earth quickly snatch it up to exploit it, but the aliens who own it are coming for it. Now, warriors of Earth set out to stop the invasion and earn fame and fortune.

The individual stories can be found here.


Basic Gameplay

The game is a kinetic fast paced 2D fighter that resembles the "hyper" style of gameplay found in the Marvel Vs. Capcom series. Two fighters battle in arenas and execute button comboes to unleash pain and destroy the opponent's health bar. They also try to collect red energy known as Pain Power to fill up a Maximum Pain bar that has two options once filled: a Maximum Pain move or a Pain Healer move.

One change from the regular style of gameplay is that most stages feature unique layouts. Some have opportunities to score an instant KO by getting a Ring Out, some will allow you to do massive damage to your opponents, and some will put a fork in your plans and have to be avoided. Every stage's hazards can be turned off if you like.

One feature of the game that can be turned off is building up a card deck. Cards can be bought or found in matches, and each shows off a character/feature and description. You can hold 5 cards at a time, and each will buff the character in some way or give them new attributes. However, they all come at some cost to your other attributes/stats so be careful if you plan to employ them.


  • Pf
    • The basic mode. Fight some dumb computers, friends, or online. You can customize the rules and features of the match for your perfect fight.
  • Cooltext170747325698807
    • This match acts as the main single player mode. You take control of a kid playing this cool new fighting game from an arcade cabinet perspective called Pain Squad. For a few coins, you can play, and go through 10 random missions to test your strength, jumping, and speed. Halfway through, you'll fight a rival, and at the end you'll fight a boss. Each character has their own story. If you die, you can spend a hefty fee to buy a "Continue".
  • Pt2
    • Try and complete the 200 challenges laid out for you. They might include fighting a certain number of matches, fighting a certain way, losing a lot, winning a lot, and much more.
  • Painzone
    • This is basically the place where you'll find all the smaller stuff. Have fun!
    • Training: Brush up on your main or try out a new character to master their moves and attributes.
    • Cards: Manage your deck.
    • Settings: The boring but necessary place.
    • Sound Test: Listen to the game's soundtrack or import your own songs to listen to. Fight alongside some heavy metal or smooth jazz, if you like.
    • Pain Market: Spend your coins on characters, stages, and cards. Or sell the cards you don't like.
    • Pain Labyrinth: Alongside 3 friends, venture in a randomly generated dungeon and team up to battle enemies and a boss at the end of the time. You'll easily find some coins and cards here, but survive if you want to keep them.


The game features 20 starter characters, 4 unlockable characters, and 2 DLC characters.


Character Description


"The Cigarchomper"

This pessimistic robot was built by a brilliant but poor scientist, and as such, is always leaking smoke due to being made from cheap materials and having little maitenance.

The Cigarchomper is rude, abrasive, and careless, taking up smoking to ironically distract himself from the fact that his life is miserable and that any day he could go and explode. He has a lot of potential, but is too down about himself to realize it.

The Cigarchomper is an incredibly skilled character that is fast, powerful, and heavy. However, at the cost of this, he's always taking damage, and all of his moves have some amount of recoil. This is due to him constantly smoking. You'll need to manage his health at all times to play him succesfully.

The Cigarchomper's attacks are smoke related. He can puff some out to stun the opponent, or throw smoke bombs to blind the opponent, and even burn the opponent with a lit cigarette.

  • Light - Stomp Kick: The Cigarchomper quickly kicks downward. It's fast but not especially powerful. If used in the air, it can be quite useful.
  • Medium - Robo Punch: The Cigarchomper throws a punch. It's pretty balanced, not being too fast or too powerful but striking a nice balance.
  • Heavy - Cigar Crusher: The Cigarchomper smashes down with both fists. It's pretty slow, but also rather powerful.

  • Deadly Puff: The Cigarchomper puffs out smoke in the face of the opponent. It does decent damage, but will also stun the opponent for a few seconds. It's best used up-close, though, considering it's low range.
  • Smoke Bomb: The Cigarchomper tosses a bomb that will release a cloud of smoke after a few seconds. It does no damage, but stuns the opponent for quite a while and has great range.
  • Cigar Burn: The Cigarchomper takes out a lit cigarette, and if the opponent is nearby, burns them. It's slow but does a lot of damage and will give them the Burn status effect.
  • Hot Breath: The Cigarchomper breathes out some hot smoke. It does decent damage and has a chance of burning them, but is pretty slow and has low range.

  • Cancer Cloud: A Maximum Pain move. Cigarchomper puffs out smoke all over the opponent, surrounding them in a toxic cloud that will follow them everywhere for a period of time. This cloud quickly eats away at them, doing massive damage.
  • Fix Up: A Pain Healing move. Cigarchomper whistles and a crew of engineers fix him up for a while, stopping him from smoking. In this period of time, his attacks will have no recoil and he'll stop constantly taking damage.

  • This card gives all of your stats a boost.
  • This card gives you the Smoking status effect for the whole match.

"Meet CG-1924, but you can call him The Cigarchomper. He's a human-like robot that was invented by a brilliant scientist, but unfortunately, one who lacked funds.

As such, The Cigarchomper is always leaking smoke and could explode at any moment. This has caused him to take up smoking, and made him quite unpleasant. He employs smoke weapons in battle."

  • Entrance: The Cigarchomper gets out a lighter and lights himself a new cigarette.
  • Victory: The Cigarchomper gets so happy he explodes into a cloud of smoke.

  • Taunt 1: The Cigarchomper juggles some lit cigars.
  • Taunt 2: The Cigarchomper coughs up some smoke.
  • Taunt 3: The Cigarchomper gets clouded up in some smoke which he waves away.

Aria Cinimin


A nice young lady who is rather innocent and lives an average life, saving up for college by working at her local McDonald's. Need some advice? She's your gal. Need some support? She'll be there for you.

Unfortunately, at night, she turns in a reptilian creature that has a thirst for blood and to cause destruction, which creates quite the dynamic between the two.

Aria and Reptilia are two different characters entirely, that can be switched between at any time.

Aria is a light and fast character who lacks power but is rather hard to hit.

Reptilia is a heavy and slow character who lacks mobility but is very strong and resilient.

Aria attacks with everyday supplies while Reptilia uses her reptilian nature.

  • Light - Spin Kick: Aria spins around with her heel shoes. It's fast and powerful, but is only useful up-close.
  • Medium - Slap Attack: Aria slaps the enemy. It's pretty fast, but incredibly weak, doing very little damage.
  • Heavy - Purse Swing: Aria swings her purse at the opponent. It's faster than most Heavy attacks, but rather weak.

  • Light - Claw Slash: Reptilia claws at the opponent. It's fast and powerful, but is only useful up-close.
  • Medium - Fang Chomp: Reptilia chomps the opponent. It's fast and powerful, but is only useful when you're next to the opponent.
  • Heavy - Tail Spin: Aria swings her tail around. It's powerful and has lots of range, but is incredibly slow and easy to dodge.

  • Transformation: Aria becomes Reptilia or vice versa. This is shown via the sun rising or setting.

  • Espresso Shot: Aria drinks a cup of coffee that increases her attack power for a few seconds. If the cup is hit though, it's effects will be nullified, so you'll want to drink at an opportune time.
  • Fries With That?: Aria throws a hot fryer full of fries at the opponent. It's slow and easy to dodge, but will set the opponent on fire if it touches them and do sizable damage.
  • Beauty Sleep: Aria falls asleep and will slowly heal until she's attacked, waking her up again.

  • Venomous Bite: Reptilia bites the opponent, injecting them with venom and poisoning them. It's quite powerful and fast, but relies on being up-close.
  • Scale Shield: Reptilia crouches and sets her scales up like spikes, damaging anyone who touches her and rendering her invincible but immobile until she gets up again.
  • Tail Drill: Reptilia uses her tail like a drill. It's not incredibly powerful, but it is fast and hits the opponent multiple times.

  • Pepper Spray: A Maximum Pain move. Aria gets out a bottle of pepper spray and sprays it at the opponent, rendering them on fire and leaving them blind for a period of time.
  • Big Mac: A Pain Healer move. Aria eats a Big Mac, healing half of her health bar. What's in that Special Sauce anyways?

  • Claw Carnage: A Maximum Pain move. If the opponent is nearby, Reptilia will grab them and claw them rapidly, shredding through them mercilessly, doing massive damage.
  • Health Drain: A Pain Healer move. Reptilia jumps upon the opponent and bites them, sapping a quarter of their health and healing that amount.

  • This card boosts your speed.
  • This card lessens your weight.

"Meet Aria Cinimin. If you can't already tell from her face, she's an innocent young woman trying to afford college by working at McDonalds.

She's incredibly kind and wise for her age, offering advice and support whenever she can. Reptilia? Who's that?"

  • This card boosts your defense.
  • This card depletes your speed.

"Meet Reptilia. She's a human, snake, and alligator hybrid that ends up looking like some vaguely reptilian human. Regardless, she's terrifying.

Reptilia has only two goals: to get blood, and to cause destruction. Aria? I've never heard of her. Must have the wrong person."

  • Entrance: A bus drives in which Aria hops off of and waves to the opponent.
  • Victory: Aria sits down and sips her coffee happily.

  • Victory: Reptilia sits down and eats a turkey leg viciously.

  • Taunt 1: Aria ruffles through her purse and throws out some random trash.
  • Taunt 2: Aria shakes up a tip jar full of a few pennies.
  • Taunt 3: Aria gets out some bubblegum and blows a rather large bubble before it pops in her face.

  • Taunt 1: Reptilia pulls out a large bone and swings it like a baseball bat.
  • Taunt 2: Reptilia hisses and shows her forked tongue.
  • Taunt 3: Reptilia crouches and slithers away backwards.

Pepe Zane

"Mr. Stiltblade"

En guarde! Pepe Zane is a stilt walker whose goal is to travel the world on stilts. He's gained many things, including languages and flags, from his worldwide travels, but he originated in France.

Pepe is a bit clumsy, barely being able to manage his stilts and sword. This makes him rather timid and easily frightened, keeping his distance from other people. Looking down on the world warps your perspective, I suppose.

Pepe is an incredibly awkward character to control. He is floaty, slow, and hard to maneuver. To make up for that, he's pretty powerful and due to his height, hard to hit.

Pepe attacks by manipulating his stilts in different ways and using a sword.

  • Light - Stilt Stab: Pepe kicks, using his stilt to slam into the opponent. It's rather fast but does very low damage. It can be used to pull off some ridiculous combos.
  • Medium - Towering Punch: Pepe throws a punch. It's pretty powerful and fast, but considering Pepe's height, is hard to hit people with.
  • Heavy - Downward Slash: Pepe slashes his sword downward. It's rather slow but incredibly powerful and has decent range.

  • Sword Spin: Mr. Stiltblade spins around, sword in hand, to create a cyclone. It's rather fast and hits multiple times, but isn't especially powerful, meaning a well timed block can render it useless.
  • White Flag: Mr. Stiltblade waves a white flag, rendering any attack done while he waves it useless. This is an excellent counter if used with good timing.
  • Stilt Dismount: Mr. Stiltblade leaps off of his stilts and falls to the ground before getting a new pair. For a few seconds, it renders him immobile, but it can be used to get some air or recover from a fall.
  • Sword Slam: Mr. Stiltblade drops his sword onto the ground and it falls, blade first, and sends out shockwaves across the screen that do massive damage and trip up the opponent. It's pretty slow and easy to avoid though.

  • Stilt Storm: A Maximum Pain move. Mr. Stiltblade leaps into the air and kicks downward, stilts first, to kick the opponent up to 100 times. It's very fast and hits a lot, but each kick is really weak, meaning a well timed block will cut it off.
  • Patriot Power: A Pain Healer move. Mr. Stiltblade drapes a French Flag over himself that will absorb a good amount of damage before tearing.

  • This card will put the character on stilts for the match, making them harder to hit, but slower and harder to control.

"Meet Pepe Zane, traveler and swordfighter extraordinare. His fans call him Mr. Stiltblade, due to his goal of walking across everywhere on stilts. It's quite the task, but Mr. Stiltblade comes prepared with his trusty blade and large collection of flags.

Although he's a bit of a celebrity, he doesn't especially act like it and is rather bad around other people, being clumsy, odd, timid, and easily frightened. It's literally lonely at the top for him."

  • Entrance: Mr. Stiltblade falls from the sky, screaming, but makes a perfect landing on a pair of stilts.
  • Victory: Mr. Stiltblade bows, but falls off the stilts onto his butt.

  • Taunt 1: Mr. Stiltblade waves a random flag.
  • Taunt 2: Mr. Stiltblade waves a red cloth, as if he was attracting a bull.
  • Taunt 3: Mr. Stiltblade dabs his face with a flag, as if he was using a hankerchief.

Nala White

"Mother of Life"

Nala White is a woman who looks rather good despite being ancient and having birthed seven children. Although she has a youthful appearance, she really dates back to the stone age, when she discovered a powerful artifact that made her into a goddess with the power to create life.

Nala bears no ill will to anyone really, viewing everything as sacred. Despite this, she is a strong opponent of anything that threatens the sacred thing known as living. In her downtime, she educates people with long speeches and meditates to become closer to nature.

Nala is a rather powerful character who is good close up and far away. In addition, she's rather fast and has amazing skill in the air. Her only weakness is that she is the lightest character in the game.

Nala attacks by using the power of life, light magic, and psychic powers.

  • Light - Psychic Kick: Nala kicks to the side, shooting out a small wave of psychic energy. It has range and a chance to hit the opponent twice, but does low damage and is easy to dodge due to it's small size.
  • Medium - Light Spin: Nala spins around, surrounded by light energy. It's rather fast and hits multiple times, but does low damage.
  • Heavy - Light Orb: Nala stops in her tracks and creates an orb of light energy and then slams it into the ground as it bounces across the stage. It can be used to smash the opponent down and do massive damage, but it's rather slow to start up, and will be halted by an attack.

  • Pet Monster: Nala creates a random animal and it runs toward the opponent. It's rather slow to use, but pretty powerful and the animal will relentlessly attack the opponent powerfully and quickly until it's health is depleted.
  • Beanstalk Soar: Nala creates a beanstalk that grows beneath her, carrying her up into the air. It's great to get a lot of air and is quick, but must be used on the ground.
  • Psychic Grip: Nala creates a light orb that will follow her around for a few seconds. If the opponent touches the orb, they'll be caught in a psychic grip and can be tossed around by Nala a little, smashed into the ground or wall, or launched into the sky.
  • Life Energy: Nala surrounds herself in a white aura. It takes a while, but if done successfully, it'll heal her greatly. A single hit will nullify it's effects though.

  • Life Stampede: A Maximum Pain move. Nala raises into the air off her feet and creates a stampede of humans, animals, and plants that will storm the stage and do massive damage to the opponent. It only works on grounded enemies, though.
  • Life Shield: A Pain Healer move. Nala surrounds herself with white energy that will absorb a few attacks before breaking. The longer you keep it, the more Nala will heal.

  • This card boosts your defense power.
  • This card lessens your weight.

"Meet Nala White. Her disciples and children call her the Mother of Life though, and for good reason. Despite her looking like she's in her mid 20s, she really dates back to the Stone Age, when she discovered an ancient artifact that made her a deity with the power of creating life.

Nala usually stays neutral in conflict, viewing every life as sacred. She only intervenes when lives are at stake, as she hates anything that threatens living. In her spare time, she's rather quiet and meditates a lot."

  • Entrance: A white vortex appears that Nala slowly steps out of.
  • Victory: The white vortex reappears and Nala walks through it.

  • Taunt 1: Nala does a curtsy toward the camera.
  • Taunt 2: Nala gets in a meditating pose.
  • Taunt 3: Nala offers a random flower to the opponent.

Anhakar Rath

"Ms. Halloween"

A woman who is notable for being the Spirit of Halloween. For 364 days, she roams Hell, looking for new "talent" to spook people and cause terror for the one night when she truly visits Earth. She's all powerful on that day, but for the rest of the year, she must take a much weaker mortal form that resembles a human.

Despite being a citizen of Hell and representing terror, she's not really a bad lady. A bit mischevious, sure, and a big fan of scaring people, but not evil, being rather nice and flirty most of the time. Ms. Halloween pretty much embodies Chaotic Neutral.

Ms. Halloween is incredibly powerful, packing a lot of attack power up close and far away. In addition, she's rather fast and has great jumps. At the cost of this, she's rather light and a glass cannon, having no defense and being rather easy to destroy. Be careful if you want to play her successfully.

Ms. Halloween can use hell related attacks or use different tricks and treats based upon her favorite holiday. Guess what it is.

  • Light - Spark Snap: Ms. Halloween snaps quickly. It's pretty hard to use correctly due to it's speed and small range, but if done successfully, will do massive damage, set the opponent ablaze, and launch them into the sky.
  • Medium - Claw Slash: Ms. Halloween conjures claws and slashes the opponent. This attack is rather fast and powerful but has no range.
  • Heavy - Pumpkin Drop: Ms. Halloween pulls out a carved pumpkin and drops it onto the opponent. This is a rather slow attack with no range, but if you time it correctly, it's incredibly powerful and will send the opponent skyward. If you miss though, you'll be grounded temporarily and open for attack.

  • Lightning Strike: Ms. Halloween cackles and summons a lightning bolt that strikes down right next to her. It's rather powerful and fast, and will electrocute the opponent. However, it's also pretty easy to dodge. Just keep your distance.
  • Hell Hole: Ms. Halloween cackles and summons a hole in the ground next to her. It's rather easy to dodge and pretty quick, but using it when next to an opponent will result in them falling into Hell, where they'll take lots of damage, be set on fire, and launched into the air.
  • Trick or Treat: Ms. Halloween pulls out a Jack O' Lantern and tosses it toward the opponent. It's rather slow, but once it breaks open, one of two things will happen. It'll release candy the opponent can eat to heal, or it'll explode and do massive damage.
  • Candy Chomp: Ms. Halloween pulls out a random candy and eats it. It's rather slow, and the candy can be snatched, but the random candy can heal anywhere from a tiny bit to nearly the entire health bar. Worth the time spent to use it.

  • Demon Dance: A Maximum Pain move. She whistles and frees a group of demons from the confines of Hell. They'll then parade around and dance, creating a rather large zone. If the opponent gets trapped in it, random status effects like shrinking or poison will trouble them for a period of time.
  • Halloween Night: Ms. Halloween's Pain Healer move. She snaps her fingers and the clock goes super fast, going straight to Halloween Night. In this form, Ms. Halloween is free, doubling all of her stats and making her incredibly powerful. Watch out!

  • This card makes candy occasionally appear to heal you.
  • This card also makes you occasionally set ablaze randomly.

"Meet Anhakar Rath, known better as the legendary iconic figure Ms. Halloween. She's the Spirit of Halloween, meaning that for most of the year she's trapped away in Hell, limiting her to a rather weak mortal form if she wants to visit Earth. But on Halloween Night, she's released onto Earth to scare people and wreak havoc.

Despite being a friend of demons and a fan of all things spooky, she's hardly a bad person, being rather friendly and flirty to opponents and friends alike. All she wants is to cause a little horror in the world. Is that so bad?"

  • Entrance: A hole appears in the ground and Ms. Halloween climbs out, waving to the screen.
  • Victory: Ms. Halloween cackles and binges on candy from a hollowed out pumpkin.

  • Taunt 1: Ms. Halloween turns around and shakes her butt toward the camera.
  • Taunt 2: Ms. Halloween pulls out a toy skeleton and hurls it toward the opponent.
  • Taunt 3: Ms. Halloween motions for the opponent to come toward her.

Anna Burn


Anna Burn is a "supervillain" whose goal is to watch the world burn. Literally or figuratively. This stems from her abusive and miserable childhood, which caused her to grow into a psychopath. She secretly yearns to become a hero, but tragically feels bound to evil.

Blackfire rarely talks or interacts with people, being afraid of everyone and being abused again. She expresses her feelings, which is usually misery and hatred, through her actions.

Blackfire is a heavy and slow character who can really lay down punishment, but is hard to maneuver around, meaning she has little air game. Her other main strength is how resilient she has, having some of the best defense in the game and being rather hard to take down up-close. If you really want to take her down, pick a skilled ranged fighter.

Blackfire, as one would expect, has pyrokinesis and can materialize her flame related powers to create weapons and projectiles. Most of her attacks set the opponent on fire, as such.

  • Light - Burn Dash: Blackfire dashes toward the opponent, set ablaze. It's rather quick and will set the opponent on fire, but is hard to control and weak. If used correctly, it's quite useful. But if used badly, it can end in an accidental Ring Out.
  • Medium - Slide Kick: Blackfire slides downward, kicking the opponent. It's pretty fast and has good range, but is weak. It can also be used to dodge attacks and sweep the opponent off their feet.
  • 'Heavy - Flaming Punch: Blackfire cranks her back her arm and punches forward. It's pretty slow and easy to avoid, but does massive damage and sets the opponent on fire. This move is inspired by Super Smash Bros "Falcon Punch" special move.

  • Fire Rocket: Blackfire, surrounded by flame, soars into the air quickly. If used regularly, it's pretty weak and has little effect, but if charged up, it'll set the opponent ablaze, do lots of damage, and get great air.
  • Fire Arsenal: Blackfire creates a random weapon made of flame and uses it against the opponent. It can be anything from a weak fire sword to a gigantic fire mace to a fire cannon. All about luck.
  • Fire Spew: Blackfire breathes fire. It has low range and is pretty weak, but it's also fast and hard to avoid up-close. It will also set the foe on fire.
  • Fire Shield: Blackfire sets herself ablaze for a few seconds. It's rather fast, but use it up-close with good time to counter attack the opponent and set them on fire.

  • Blackfire's Inferno: A Maximum Pain move. Blackfire screeches and sets the entire stage ablaze. This means that every grounded opponent will be tossed around and take damage as they move, and be set on fire.
  • Flame Drain: A Pain Healer move. Blackfire sets herself and the opponent on fire, meaning that for a period of time, the opponent will take fire damage. For all the damage they take, Blackfire will hear that amount of health.

  • This card makes you immune to being set on fire.
  • This card makes you twice as slow.

"Meet Anna Burn. As her name indicates, she has an affinity for fire, it being the only thing she truly relies on and loves. This is due to her miserable childhood where she was abused by her mother, which instilled nihilism in her for good. This also made her take up the name Blackfire.

Blackfire speaks in actions, preferring not to talk or interact with people in general. Her single goal is to set the world ablaze to permanently end all suffering. Although she usually considers using her powers for good, she can never seem to escape the memory of her mother."

  • Entrance: Suddenly, a large black flame is lit and Blackfire steps out from it.
  • Victory: Blackfire silently sets the ground ablaze and then walks away.

  • Taunt 1: Blackfire sets her head on fire.
  • Taunt 2: Blackfire conjures a random animal in fire.
  • Taunt 3: Blackfire pulls out a candle and lights it with her flame breath before throwing it off screen.



Xasskarikuloskiz'z is a humanoid alien woman who goes under the name Emerald due to her rather long real name and the fact that she has green skin. She's quite flirty and seems to be interested in "comforting" people in bed. Yeah. She's also a big fan of animals, especially creepy crawly ones.

Emerald is rather friendly and easy to get along with, but due to her alien origin, acts like a real weirdo, initiating sex with pretty much every stranger she meets and talking to insects and animals like they're people. Different cultures, I suppose.

Emerald is....quite the oddball. She's rather hard to get a grasp on, having odd controls and being rather floaty despite her heavy weight. In addition, she goes from fast to slow randomly, making her not very reliable. If you can get accustomed to her though, she's incredibly powerful and dangerous, one of the best in the game.

Emerald can use space related attacks, summon her animal friends, or "comfort" the opponent. Talk about a varied move pool!

  • Light - Stunning Kiss: Emerald kisses the opponent if they're nearby. It's rather fast and has low range, but can be used to stun the opponent and open them for attack. It does no damage though.
  • Medium - Snake Whip: Emerald pulls out a snake and uses it as a whip. It's rather slow and hard to use, but if done correctly, is incredibly powerful and has a chance of poisoning the opponent. Use it often to get a handle on it.
  • Heavy - Meteor Toss: Emerald gets out a gigantic meteor and tosses it forward. It's very slow and has little range, but is incredibly powerful, has a large hurtbox, and will launch the opponent skywards.

  • Creepy Crawler: Emerald sets down a random insect that will crawl toward the opponent and attack them for a period of time. It's really luck of a draw, you could get a slow caterpillar or a vicious scorpion. Up to the random generator.
  • Zero Gravity: Emerald creates a blue orb that will flicker out after a few seconds. Use it when near an opponent to flip them upside down and send them up into the air before crashing them down into the ground. It relies on good timing, but is rather powerful.
  • Rocket Blast: Emerald shoots off a toy rocket toward the opponent. It only aims in one direction, sideways, but has great range and is incredibly fast and powerful, causing an explosion on impact. Time it correctly for maximum effect.
  • Pillow Fight: Emerald swings a pillow toward the opponent. It's rather slow and bulky and does no damage, but will make the foe fall asleep for a while if it lands, leaving them open for attack.

  • Meteor Shower: A Maximum Pain move. Emerald whistles and a meteor shower belongs, powerful meteors falling from the sky rapidly across the stage. It's incredibly powerful, has good knockback, and can be used to catch the opponent in a devastating combo.
  • The Power of Comfort: A Pain Healer move. Emerald kisses the opponent and the screen goes black for a few seconds. When the screen comes back, Emerald will be healed half of her health bar and the opponent will be asleep for a period of time.

  • This card will occasionally half your speed temporarily.
  • This card will occasionally double your speed temporarily.

"Meet Xasskarikuloskiz'z, although us English speakers call her Emerald. Despite being a strong fighter, she's rather nice, being a humanoid alien who loves to "comfort" people in "need", as well as being a friend of all animals, including creepy crawly ones that she treats just like they're humans. Odd lady.

Despite her odd quirks, she's rather nice and friendly, pretty much everyone will get along with her if they know her for long. She has an odd talent for seduction as well. She might just use it to get the edge over her competitors!"

  • Entrance: A meteor crashes into the ground, which Emerald happily pops out of and waves to her foe.
  • Victory: Emerald tightly squeezes her opponent, who looks rather uncomfortable.

  • Taunt 1: Emerald pulls out a jar with a random insect in it and rubs up against the jar, smiling.
  • Taunt 2: Emerald falls asleep for a moment while standing and quickly wakes up again.
  • Taunt 3: Emerald juggles some moon rocks.

Flavie Myriam

"Madame Future"

A gypsy who roams the world, befriending people, making connections, and entertaining folk with her various dances. She knows pretty much every dance style there is, and has learned them over the years.

Secretly, she's a shady fortune teller who can wield precognition and dark magic. Despite these secrets, she's rather friendly and flirty, always wanting to improve her skills in fights. She seems to be always on the edge between a Chaotic Hero and Chaotic Villain though.












  • The game was originally known as Nightmares.
  • Credit to .etherealknight, .snickedge, and .vectorDestiny for character ideas.


"name: Flavie Myriam (Madame Future) description: a wandering gypsy who specializes in dances all around the world. she is a calm and quiet person, who rarely gets angry. she is tall and thin. figthing style: her fight style is fast and precise, she utilizes dance moves for attacks and dodging, with her gyspy abilities she can predict the future and dodge an attack before it happens, although this has a chance of failing. she also utilizes fortune telling items for attacks as well utilizing dark magic for long range attacks. "

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