First appearance: Mysterious Nine Project

Orochi (オロチ, Orochi) in The King of Fighters is one of the series main villains and the main antagonist and final boss of The King of Fighters '97. He and his followers are another interpretation of the mythical eight headed serpent, Yamata no Orochi. In the KoF series, Orochi was sealed 1,800 years ago by the three sacred treasures of Japan. The three clan's descendants are charged with protecting the seal over him.


Orochi is a divine being who calls itself "Gaia's Will" (地球意志, Chikyu Ishi). It was supposedly born from the earth itself, manifested through floating emotions and substances of nature. Orochi's main power is "nothingness", implying that the god has no distinct gender. Since ancient times, Orochi was nature's guardian and was granted with many of its powers. It gained followers to its cause and eventually formed a clan. The eight strongest warriors were known as the Hakkesshu. As mankind began to grow in numbers, however, the natural balance began to crumble.

1800 years ago, Orochi could no longer tolerate the destruction and wanted to completely wipe humanity from existence. It used the powers gained from nature purely as a tool for chaos. His clan and the human race waged war until the Kusanagi, Yata, and the Yasakani defeated him with three mystical treasures. The Hakkeshu and Orochi were defeated and sealed. Though kept in a suspended state, Orochi continues to feel that mankind pollutes the world.


Orochi is a powerful being that plans to serve Gaia by all costs. He will protect her from anything, even from what she created herself. He shows no mercy to humans, citing their sins, although he grudgingly does acknowledge their potential to be able to change for the better.


  • Standard Special: Energy Projectile - Tosses out a red energy projectile that has a big hitbox.
  • Side Special: Telekinesis - Grabs a opponent from afar and can either toss them further or bring them closer to him.
  • Down Special: Energy Pillar - Creates an energy pillar that is double the length of the character, allowing for good horizontal reach.
  • Up Special: Translocation - Translocates to the nearest platform or ground available. If not available, Orochi will appear in the air at the highest point he can be.
  • Super Move: Destroy Soul - Takes the opponent's soul and crushes it, destroying it and killing them.


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