First appearance: Fighters of Lapis 5

Latest appearance: Mysterious Seven Project

Optimus Prime is the valiant leader of the Autobots, one of two factions in the war of the Cybertronians. Though he's been seen in several forms across the years, but one thing always stands tall - his loyalty to his fellow soldiers and to the cause of defending the freedom of all sentient beings in the universe. His most powerful weapon is his Matrix of Leadership, an ancient Cybertronian artifact that signifies the leadership of the Autobots and the heroism of its wielder.

In World War X, another version of him exists. Called MechaGod Optimus Prime, he seeks to destroy the destroyer of multiverses, Twilight Sparkle. As he began to travel back in time though, he began to slowly turn insane, believing all his friends in the past to be evil minions of Twilight Sparkle.

Moveset (Mysterious Seven Project)

  • Standard Special: Path Blaster - Optimus uses his Cybertronian blaster to hit enemies. Can be used in rapid fire or be charged up for a powerful blast.
  • Side Special: Transform and Roll Out! - Optimus transforms into his truck form and rolls out to the side, smashing through enemies and obstacles alike.
  • Up Special: Jetpower Optimus - Optimus gains his Jetpower armor made from his fellow soldier, Jetfire. It weighs him down, but further use of his up special will allow him to hover in bursts.
  • Down Special: Give Me Your Face! - Kneeling down, Optimus performs an uppercut while using his Energon hooks. If anyone is caught in this, they become 'faceless', making Optimus deal more damage to them.
  • Super Move: Matrix of Leadership - Using the Matrix of Leadership, Optimus creates a burst of energy that hits all enemies while he drives around in truck form, hitting his vulnerable targets.

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