Omegaverse (also known as Ultraverse, Positive Space, Multi-Multiverse, Omniverse, or Fiction) is a general concept relating to multiple multiverses existing. It encompasses every possible multiverse or universe or matter or even thought. The Omegaverse contains bits of Anti-Space, but that reality is for the most part stays out.

With every set of universes inside a multiverse, there is a Omegaverse to contain those multiverses.

As opposed to Anti-Verse, which is how things are seen as we see them now, the Omegaverse is how those things are imagined. When characters enter the Omegaverse, they follow a different set of rules that can contradict each other. When Anti-Space enters the Omegaverse, it appears as Irregular.

Some of the multiverses included in the Omegaverse are the Lapisverse, the Spursverse, the Grandtheftaverse, the Mysteriousverse, and others.

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