Nintendo Villain Conquest is an action crossover game featuring the biggest baddies in Nintendo History .


The infamous nintendo defiler Tabuu has discovered the sub-central wormhole that connects all the game's respective galaxies. It was his plan to cause despicable amounts of chaos around the worlds to entertain himself, considering that he has no greater reason to exist. However, it came to his attention after releasing an army of Primids into the Mushroom Kingdom, that as long as these galaxies were governed by the forces of justice, he'd never be able to get away with his stunt. He then decided to enlist the help of The universe's most criminal minds to conquer every world before he starts to mess with them. In return for helping him conquer these worlds, he offers each villain any reward they wish for. Each villain is assigned an unfamiliar galaxy to conquer, and once they complete their tasks, they unlock new challenges, and are given what their heart desires. Will you be stopped by the forces of good? or will you prevail victorious? It all depends on how you play.


The basic gameplay is similar to Dynasty Warriors, but with different mechanics composed of different tasks to complete. There are also different modes based on the current worlds' first game. Each world has a different skill or ability for every villain, so each level has something worth revisiting for.

Playable Characters

Image Name Description Abilities
SSB4 - Bowser Artwork

The Evil Koopa King practically rules a majority of the Mushroom Kingdom anyway and even owns a castle in every level there, but the opportunity to cause more mayhem and stomp on justice across the the galaxies is an offer he cannot refuse!

  • Neutral Attacks -Punches
  • Special Attack- Flame Thrower
  • Beserk Power - Giga Bowser 
Ganondorf Ganondorf has become known as the King of Evil in his home world of Hyrule, and it is a title he definitely deserves. This Geurodo King is the reincarnation of the Demon King Demise and since his defetion, he has been attempting to rule Hyrule using the Triforce of Power, and now, it's time for his power to be unleashed across the galaxies!
  • Neutral Attacks - Sword Strikes
  • Special Attack - Deadman's Volley
  • Beserk Power - Beast Ganon
Ridley The 1st Zebesian is more than what he appears to be. Ridley is the captain of a band of fierce space pirates, a genocidal maniac, and the killer of Samus Aran's parents. A mind as dangerous yet intelligent as his is more than a common threat to the galaxies ahead!
  • Neutral Attacks - Jack Hammer Tail
  • Special Attack -  Wing Cut
  • Beserk Power -
  • Raging Charge 
Pokey Minch
Pokey Minch This snot-nose brat was once nothing more than a neighborhood rival to Ness, but after some certain close encounters, he's been morbidly transformed into quite the evil little delinquint. Tabuu's offer was enough to get him on his side.
  • Neutral Attacks - Jabs
  • Special Attack - Energy Beam
  • Beserk Power - Shock Wave



Special Weapons








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