"When the world's best villains team up, the best opposites must stop them.
The back of the game's box.

"Nintendo Dynasty" is a spin-off of Nintendo games combined with Dynasty Warriors. Much like Dynasty Warriors, there are multiple characters to play as, ranging from Mario and Luigi to Isabelle and Captain Falcon. It uses Dynasty Warrior's form of gameplay, and Nintendo's quirky cast of characters. A new mode will be added, known as the Boss Fortress. It'll release on an unknown date in 2015 on the Nintendo Wii U. There will be worlds from Nintendo, such as the Mushroom Kingdom, Forest Of Hope, and Corneria.


  • Story: Play as Nintendo heroes and villains in this all-out grand adventure. (Default)
  • Multiplayer: Play with a friend or two, and explore the giant Nintendo worlds in the game. (Default)
  • 'Boss Fortess': After beating Story Mode, Boss Fortress is unlocked! Face off against Andross, Majora, Petey Piranha, and more! (Unlockable)
  • 'Online': Exchange some items and advice all over the world, and get nifty stuff back from others! (Default)
  • The Nintendo Gallery: Earn trophies and paintings of many pieces of Nintendo's history! (Unlockable)


The game, as said above, plays much like Dynasty Warriors and Hyrule Warriors, which are both based around fighting. Instead of Dynasty Warriors monsters, you fight Nintendo enemies, such as Koopas, Aparoids, Bulborbs, and more! Where there are an army of enemies, they are mini-bosses, that, if killed, drop goodies, such as weapons, skill points and related items.

Each character's weapons are UNIQUE to them. This is best shown by Olimar, who uses Pikmin for his main moveset. No other character has this Pikmin move. (Except Alph, who has only Rock Pikmin, which Olimar doesn't have.) There are also obtainable items for the characters to use, such as the ? Block for Mario.

There are dungeons in the game as well, which have a bit of Mario, Zelda, and Metroid in them. The dungeons have platforming, (Mario), obtainable items and treasures, (Zelda) and now allow you to go into a third-person perspective. (Metroid.)




Image/Name Franchise Default Moves

435px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS

The Pyrokenetic Plumber, Mario

SSB Mario Series
  • Fire Burst: Mario unleashes a burst of flames for a limited time.
  • Koopa Shell: Mario kicks five green Koopa Shells around the battefield.
  • Pyro-Shield: Mario sets up a shield of fire around him, defending himself.


The Second Banana, Luigi

SSB Mario Series
  • Poltergust 5000: Luigi grabs his vaccuum and sucks up enemies.
  • Green Missile: Luigi takes off like a missle, ramming into enemies.
  • Boo Shield: Luigi screams as Boo's fly around in a circle, for defense.


The Hylian Warrior, Link

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series


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