Nightstreak is a fanon character for the DC Universe.


Early Life:

An Astounding Adventure:

The Kryptonian's Banishment:

Alliance of the Braniacs:


The Dark Nightstreak Saga:




...Really? THAT'S the best plan you could come up with?




Character Development History

by Mega Charizard X AnimationDarth PhazonMega Charizard Y Amination

Well, originally, before I made Nightstreak, I had just unlocked character customization in LEGO Batman 1 for the Wii; I wanted to come up with a ninja-sort of character that could also be viewed as a hero, and I ended up with who would become Nightstreak: a ninja with rainbow-colored shirts and a batarang in hand. Besides grappling, he had nothing else to use. This was a dissapointment, and I eventually decided to make him a fully-fledged character.
Originally, when I made him, I started out with a Spider-Man/Ben 10-inspired character; he wasn't very fleshed out much, just a guy equipped with a suit of armor that let him change from one insect-related form to another; examples of such forms are below:
  • Crashhopper (Grasshopper)
  • Sonicada (Cicada)
  • Armite (Army Ant/Termite)
But, eventually realizing how ridiculous he would be if he had all these forms but no weaknesses, I decided, much like SSB director Masahiro Sakurai, to remove the transformations and just scrap them completely. I then looked to Iron Man: he had different versions of a single Iron Suit that was slightly improved in different ways. So that's how I rounded out Nightstreak: the suits he had only had 4 versions, each useful in their own way. The De-armored version plays like Nightstreak would if his suit were to come off for unexplained reasons (that will be covered in the history). His "Ultimate" version is sort of the Hulkbuster of the group: its mobility is limited, but its attack power is amazing. The MK.XIV (Fancy talk for Mark 14) is an earlier version, differing only in attack variation (instead of relying on webs, it used bioelectric bolts). The Dark one started out as mainly Venom-inspired (the result of an alien symbiote fusing with Nightstreak), but now holds its origins in a antimatter chemical. 
(More Coming Soon)

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