Current Age 22
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Deceased
Height 6'09"
Weight 139 lbs
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Nightshade is the main antagonist of the Nature Warrior plot, being a mage with the sole purpose of wanting to kidnap Crymsia to earn a large award from the local authorities; the Zaxinian Government.  Very much about him is unknown.



Nightshade is mostly capable of building machines and using tools to march forward with his goals. All of his machines sport monochrome colors with hints of red for simplicity reasons, and most of them have a way or two to capture the floral princess. While his mechanic talent does not match that of his magic talent, it's certainly formidable.

His main ability is held in magic, and he can fire multi color spells of different elements to confuse his opponents about his fighting style. The magic, while usually used as an offense, can also be used create a dark, thin shield and can be used to heal himself. His long, left arm has a very long reach and can move very quickly, allowing it to just about replace the missing right arm.


Nightshade is malevolent, angry, and heated up by almost anything, and is extremely greedy.  He's willing to do anything it takes to achieve his goals, but will always be wise and back out of a bad situation if he comes up against one, and will stop himself if he knows he might cross lines or put himself at a disadvantage.  As someone who loses a lot, he tries to learn all his weaknesses and protect himself from getting them exploited.

Sometimes he can actually come across as extremely lazy or somewhat intelligent, or both, and will get into periods of rambling over his past, the situation he's involved in, and how he's going to capture Crymsia, even around Crymsia if his laziness gets the complete and utter best of him.

Relationships with other characters


Wanting to capture Crymsia for her body and fortune, it's easy to see why they're enemies. He wants to steal her and her belongings, which isn't much appreciated by others, who often beat him up or torment him, especially in the case of her friends.



  • Nightsahde's name comes from the nightshade berry.
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