Neon Carnival is an area in Super Mario Sunshine 2: Islands of Darkness. A bright carnival set at midnight, the area features various games and fun.


  • Test of Strength: Mario must go to the Test of Strength booths across the carnival. Using a Ground Pound, Mario must send them all up to the top to create stairs to the Shine Sprite on the top of the park.
  • A Day at the Carnival: Here, Mario must earn enough Tickets to buy a Shine Sprite from the prize booth. The games that can be played are Pinball, a roller coaster where the player has to shoot balloons(similar to the first game), and the Test of Strength booths from the last shine.
  • Power Off: In this mission, 3 Giant Electrokoopas have invaded and stolen all the energy from the park and are sitting on the power grids behind the three rides. Mario must knock all of them off to restore power and get the Shine Sprite.

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