Naxaz is one of the most important areas of the Zaxinian Lifts, being an enormous city held in the galaxy of Zonar, being a popular hub linking to the other galaxies as well as the Lifts themselves. It is the homeland of many important characters, including Crymsia, Needles, and even Valerie. The importance of Naxaz lies in the fact that it is a great producer of goods and has access to various places across the Lifts, and the fact that it's a popular tourist location.


Naxaz is a huge city on flat ground, with many high buildings filling up the place, with smaller buildings being average houses, often found in rows. At night, the whole city is lit up, displaying how attractive it is. The city is rarely ever dirty: it's mostly clean because of how dedicated the people are around the city are to cleaning up the garbage.

Important Residents

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