Current Age 31
Date of Birth Nov. 4, ???
Gender Male (Day)
Female (Night)
Species Human
Location Zaxinian Lifts
Align Neutral
Main Weapon(s) Sanguine Sword
Ability/ies Superhuman strength
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 6'00" (Nateah)
6'03" (Henata)
Weight 198 lbs (Nateah)
187 lbs (Henata)
First Appearance Project Needles
Nateah, known as Henata in the night, is a swordsman who was once one of the Heads of the Zaxinian Government, being the voice of Battle. He was a businessman as well, thanks to his once high position in the Zaxinian Lifts.  He is a minor character.


Project Needles


As Nateah, he attacks with his powerful Sanguine Sword, which extends a long distance and hits opponents hard for massive damage and impressive injuries. Throwing away his sword, he has massive super human strength, able to arm wrestle opponents, choke them to death, and pick them up, swing 'em around, and toss them far away.

Other than these abilities, Nateah also has a level head, able to converse well with the other Heads of the Zaxinian Government, and can think of strategies slowly. Having been a war leader earlier in his life, Nateah knows how to fight, and how to command others in battle. He can call warriors from the underworld to fight for him.

As Henata, abilities are way different. As she becomes a werewolf, her attacks do enough damage without a sword, and she'll now bite opponents and gnash them apart. She'll also tear her way through almost any obstacle, and use her massive sprints of energy to get around. As she has great running strength, she can run anywhere she wants.


Nateah is calm, laid back, and relaxed, and only fights when he finds it necessary, saying that he's too innocent to wound people without reason. He's also passive aggressive, a bully, and a snarky sarcastic teenager all fit into one, and he can prove to be very annoying to talk to. He also holds great pride in his power and his abilities, holding all others as inferior to him.

However, as Henata, things are more insane for the character, and she knows how evil she is, she knows she's far from perfect, and she's very, very self depreciative, and feels like she's deserving of love. She's also full of hatred and always looks for ways to bug people, and crushes those she truly hates.

Relationships with other characters


Nateah - as well as Henata - get along well with Needles, despite their evil traits, and find her "an impressive successor to Valerie". They have no problem with whatever she does.


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