First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Those robots are made to be the perfect fighter. They can use anything and turn anything into a weapon. They are meant to be representation of us. They are going to kill anything that comes as a target for them. Good luck.
The Mysterious #1

The Mysterious Mii Project is a project created by the Mysterious Seven. They are made as clones of them, using the abilities of all the fighters in their mysterious project. They can be fought on the Mysterious Arena, which works similarly to Cruel Melee in the Super Smash Bros. series. Each one of them can be unlocked by completing the mode 7 times.










  • There are two unused Miis in the files on the game, known as T0UK0 and T1M3S0UL, which meant that Miis based on members that left the team would be in the game, but they got scrapped.

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