Mushroomy Kingdom is a stage. It is a starting stage in Ultimate Company Smackdown. It originates from the Mario series, and is Mario's home stage.

SSBB Mushroomy Kingdom Stage

World 1-1


World 1-2

Background Info

Mushroomy Kingdom is based off of the first two levels of Super Mario Bros., Worlds 1-1 and 1-2. The platforms are the main feature carried into the stage, as the enemies have all disappeared.

Stage Info

Mushroomy Kingdom has two different layouts, and each have a 50% chance of loading. However, holding A while selecting the stage will always generate World 1-1, and holding B while selecting the stage will always generate World 1-2. Both layouts will scroll slowly.

World 1-1 is a desert stage with no life. There are sandy Brick Blocks, as well as ? Blocks that hold items once struck. They can be struck by hitting the bottom with one's body, or using an attack. An item will come out of ? Blocks once struck. There is a staircase made from Brick Blocks, as well as a flagpole and small castle. Warp Pipes will serve as platforms.

World 1-2 is a cave stage that slightly resembles a maze. The ceiling is undeniably low; some up throws will KO at 0%. There are many different patterns of Brick Blocks. There is one Warp Pipe at the end that can be used as a platform.

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