First appearance: Fighters of Lapis 3

Mr. Rogers is a powerful deity in the Lapisverse, but does not use his powers unless he needs to.

Mr. Rogers loves everyone in the Lapisverse, even Fuckbaby and Tabuu (well... except for Wind-Up). He lives in his house and appears as a neighbor to those in need of his help.

He gives off a calming feeling against even the most furious characters. While Mr. Rogers has no special powers that can be classified as attacks, he does have an amazing grasp on the emotional spectrum.

In Fighters of Lapis 3 he appeared as an ally to the Fighters of Lapis. He gathered the Fighters of Lapis together and saved God on Promethus Cliff. He wanted to stop Tabuu because he would destroy everyone else. Ultimately, Mr. Rogers would not have enough time to calm him and sent the Fighters of Lapis to stop him so he could calm him down. He did not account for the black hole created by Tabuu.

In the Lapisverse his role can be likened to Jesus. He is not a playable character, and just helps out the Fighters of Lapis.

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