Mother Earth: The Noxious Present is the first entry of the Mother Earth franchise, and is a crossover of Crimson el Roserade, Nature Warrior, and Syi-Fi, although each universe is semi-rebooted in this alternative universe mash up. It is a platforming game with Sonic Heroes elements - the objective is to work together to reach Half-Face Rome and stop her from polluting the Earth with garbage in means to make way for her own empire, and to restore the planet to its original state as a part of Team Floral's mission.

The game has been rated E 10+ by the ESRB, making it the first E 10+ game from snicks in years.   The Noxious Present is followed by the Global Wasteland chapter and preceded by the Colorful Past chapter.



Fifty years ago, Earth was a great place, filled to the brim with wonderful and unique people who were always on the move, sharing their ideas of technology with the rest of the world.  People were laughing, talking, having good times!  Jobs were never scarce and people were willing to work to make the planet even stronger and make more thrills for the rest of the world to enjoy.  Children grew up to be strong adults, and schools did well in teaching them - almost every child became a great adult.

This all changed, however, when a group of bandits, referring to themselves as the Perfectionists, made themselves visibly public to the Earth, and said that they were tired of Earth's ways and wanted to bring something called "change" to it, and as their first step forward, they spread garbage over a wide radius of land, and warned the people who didn't listen to their ideals that they will become part of their organization as slaves, and will be forced to help them proceed with their evil plots.

None of the citizens really wanted trouble, and because they rarely dealt with powerful enemies before, let alone in recent times, they obeyed these cruel people and started spreading their cause.  Technology became more dirty, more excessive, and the Internet, once a small communication system, became widespread, and people started sitting at their computers all day, leaving the garbage on the streets, and abandoning the outside world for the leisure of being indoors and doing...practically nothing.

I couldn't stand watching someone toss trash on the ground because they were too lazy to properly throw it away.  It brought a pain to my heart, I loved watching the blooming flowers and the shining sun while they lasted, but once the pollution settled in, the sun was hardly seen due to the thick black clouds covering most of the sky and the flowers died from the trash that was spread everywhere.  Toxic rain came in storms and destroyed many of the landscapes.  My friends and I were very upset by this tragedy.

There was this sacred object known as the Athiee Statue, and it was modelled after the Goddess of Nature; Athiee.  We loved Athiee, and she loved us back, and she helped keep our land free from garbage.  It wasn't until recently that she realized how much damage has been done to the was irreversable for her, and she was so upset with it that she lost faith in us...and she left the land to places unknown.  We were deeply upset...the Perfectionists were really out of their minds.  We just want to live peacefully.

...Back to the Athiee Statue.  The Perfectionists destroyed the statue a week ago.  People became angry, and it was the first time people have been truly angry in a while...but the evil organization kept them calm, and told them that she abandoned them, which led to immediate confusion, but they manipulated those people into thinking that what they're doing is was awful, watching thousands of people lose control over themselves to pay attention to such an awful organization.

But there are people that haven't fallen under the Perfectionists' cause.  I have formed a team of warriors, known as the Floral Team, and we will fight the Perfectionists and free the people they captured for their own selfish reasons.  We will win Athiee back...and the natural beauty of the land.  The Noxious Present will be put to a rest, and we will hopefully live a bright future soon.  For Aithee!  For the people!  For Mother Earth!

~ Crimson



The Noxious Present offers seven different difficulties, these can alter the game's difficulty severely.

  • Pathetic: There are relatively not many enemies, the Town is always open alongside Home, bosses can't use their special attacks, and players have twice as much health.  Levels are also shortened, the hard levels being cut off.  (You can unlock Pathetic by beating Easy)
  • Easy: The amount of enemies is higher than that of Pathetic, the Town is always open alongside Home, bosses can use special attacks, and players have a normal amount of health.  Levels are still shortened, but hard levels are not cut off.
  • Normal: The amount of enemies is the same as in Easy, the Town has a 10% chance of closing but Home is always open, players have a normal amount of health.  Levels are now their normal length besides hard levels, which are shortened.
  • Advanced: The amount of enemies is slightly increased, the Town has a 25% chance of closing but Home is always open, and players have a normal amount of health, although health restore points are slightly more uncommon.  All levels are of their normal lengths.  (You can unlock Advanced by beating Normal)
  • Hard: The amount of enemies is heavily increased, the Town has a 35% chance of closing and Home has a 15% chance of closing, and players have two thirds of their usual health.  Health restore points are more scarce and checkpoints are more uncommon.  Some levels have become longer in length.  By this point, the House will start having times where it gets robbed of its resources by thieves.  (You can unlock Hard by beating Advanced)
  • Cruel: The amount of enemies is insane now, the Town has a 60% chance of closing and Home has a 30% chance of closing, and players have half of their usual health.  Health restore points are rare and half the normal checkpoints remain.  All levels are now 1.5x their usual length.  (You can unlock Cruel by beating Hard with 100% completion)
  • Death: There are so many enemies that it just barely avoids lag, the Town has a 90% chance of closing and Home has a 75% chance of closing, and players have a FIFTH of their usual health.  Health restore points no longer exist and there are no checkpoints.  Levels are 2x their usual length.  Not to mention that thieves are EVERYWHERE.  (You can unlock Death by beating Cruel with 100% completion)


At home, the player can relax or pick a level, or make the four characters interact with one another.  Every time the player finishes a level, they'll be dragged back home.  Home is considered the hub world because of that.  The player can rest up and restore all their health, look through their inventories and previous missions, or participate in mini-games with other players.

The characters can converse with one another and do many life-related things - cook, sleep, eat, do normal conversation, and several unique options that only work with certain characters.  You can kind of treat it like the support/barracks systems from Fire Emblem: Awakening, but you have control over what your character says as a response to another, etc.

Unique Options

  • You can help Crimson reorganize the house and change the way the overall house looks.  As he's the one who built it, he is able to shift around its physical appearance.  You can also decorate the house or give it a brand new style overall.
  • Crimson is quite needing to get over the process of being afraid of his, what can you do about it?  Persuade him to date Crymsia.  You can control how the date goes too.  Don't worry!  It's a pretty friendly and completely normal conversation.  Maybe with a kiss.
  • You can dress up Crymsia and give her new outfits to wear, as she is into new clothing and styles to wear.  As you progress in the game's levels, you'll find more and more brand new outfits.  You can also clean up clothes that were considered garbage and make them brand new pretty much.
  • With Syi, you can help her create a garden behind the house, and make it look as magnificent as you want it to look.  You can grow flowers, vegetables, etc - this is kind of important for if you want to cook things and can't access the town!
  • With Verlo, you can read them stories - they can hardly read and haven't had enough time to learn how - and help tuck them into bed for rest.


In the game's town, you can buy food, items, and etc using any of the four playable characters, or hook up with up to four players and shop together.  The town is actually quite small and is just made up of houses and stores, you'll be spending all your time of town in the stores.  You don't have to just buy food - you can also buy new weapons, armor, etc to strengthen your chances or survival on the battlefield.

The game's items require money to buy.  So where do you get the money?  Easy, from the game's levels, where money is spread all over the ground.  Occasionally back home you can find money hidden away in the corners.  You can often get a lot of money from the levels if you score well and get ranks that are B or A.  Some items in the game require a lot of money to buy - save up wisely!

At times in the game, you'll find Town is closed off.  This is usually due to stormy weather, or on the game's higher difficulties, raids and theft.  You'll actually be offered to stay at a home when Home is blocked off at even higher difficulties.  Be wary of thieves being able to steal your money when you're not looking on those difficulties...but if Town is blocked off, don't worry, it'll open soon.


The Noxious Present levels take many elements from Sonic Heroes, like the teamwork concept, although the levels play more like a fighting game.  Your objective is to simply get across the levels, beat up enemies as you go, and pick up trash and toss it into the Trash Portal (which you carry with you) to get rid of it.  The more trash you pick up, the cleaner the landscape becomes.

The player controls one character at a time - Crimson, Crymsia, Syi, or Verlo - and utilizes their different abilities to get around the landscape.  The characters that the player is not using at the moment will follow closely behind.  Each character has different abilities and attributes, and some areas of a level only work for one of the characters, requiring the player to switch up strategies now and then.

Throughout the game's levels, there will be many enemies for the player to come up against.  The player must use the characters' techniques to battle out each enemy, and performing combos makes giant score chains that can increase a "rank" in a level.  At times, some enemies requiring a certain character to defeat them.  Major enemies, known as bosses, will be fought at the end of each level.

If the player takes hits from enemies, they lose health.  Each character has a certain amount of health, and if a character runs out of health, they'll fall down, losing a life, requiring the player to start over from the last checkpoint they touched, or the beginning of the level if they haven't touched one.  Losing all lives results in a game over.

Once the level is fully finished, the player will be ranked on how much they did in the level - from garbage collecting to enemy destroying.  The better the player's job at cleaning up the land, the better their resulting rank.  The highest rank is "A" at 50000 points - the lowest is "F" at a mere 19999 points or less.


Name Description
Crimson Strike

My view of glory is the gateway to freedom.  I wish for nothing more.

The straightforward, brawns before brain guy who happens to be in charge of the Nature Forces.  He is a determined man with the goal to wipe the means of pollution from the Earth, although is in a practical void of self depreciation and dislikes the things he has to do to set things in stone.  Due to his practical shyness around those of the female gender, he tends to not communicate very well wtih his team, and talks behind a mask at all times.

Crimson is practically an all-out attacker who uses his sword to attack from a long distance, but can also use his cape to fly over short distances.  He's also the best character at combo-ing enemies.

Crymsia Rose

Many people here on Earth are part of a poisoned's time to change that.

Crymsia is a fair lady who originated from an alternative dimension, having made it to Earth as a complete accident.  She is apparently the alternative Crimson, and acts much differently, being more notably calm and intelligent as well as self confident, although does not cope well with creepy things or stories.  She has allergies to grass, weirdly, as well as chemophobia, so she can only help so sparingly.  She is a great person to confide secrets in though.

Crymsia is more on health than attacking, nursing the team's health when necessary, but can wall jump and also attack with her sword.  Her sword can stick to ledges.  She can have momentary flight, too.

Syisede Scarlet

Everyone and everything needs love, not just specific people.  Equality is important.

Syisede, better known as Syi, is a scarecrow - er well actually she's a spirit that took the body of a scarecrow after her original body accidentally came apart after falling down a flight of stairs.  Syi is stern, abusive to others' personalities without intention, and is difficult to get along with due to her complicated past, although has a very soft side and loves things like butterflies and flowers, although she's also well into butts.  We don't know why, despite the fact we write this stuff.

Syi can use her vines to travel to other places and form short bridges and other things, making her the only person who can directly affect the levels.  Syi can travel across things that no one else can - go above tall walls, go underground...

Verlo Strike

I'm usually nice, but sometimes I have to turn it down in exchange for honesty.

Verlo is the mother of Crimson, and acts like a mother figure to the other heroes as well even though Crymsia and Syi aren't really her children.  She is very protective of her friends - actually quite overprotective - and tries to limit what they can do that can potentially risk their lives.  She's the overseer of the group's actions and always means well, and is seen very much speaking for womens' rights in areas that have problems regarding that stuff.

Verlo can change the team's tactics, turn invisible, or lift other team members to higher places using her high strength.  She can also pick up her allies and toss them at other enemies, think of Knuckles from Sonic Heroes.

Oyster Peril

I like selling nice things...why was I set to serve in a bar?  Needless to say, welcome to the store!  How can I help you...sir?  Miss?

Oyster is the manager of the town's bar, and serves nice and helpful items like potions to the heroes.  She is very shy and is very sensitive to anything negative, like anger, which forces her to hide in her giant shell.  Why does she have a giant shell?  It's full of water and she's practically a mermaid.

Silver v. Beethoven

What hope is there for mankind if it just sits there and lets the world around it collapse on top of them?  Why bother protecting such a race of ignorance...

Silver is the leader of the Perfectionists, and somewhat ironically, he's far from thinking of himself as a real perfectionist.  He believes that everything is on a crash course to its own doom, and decided that mankind has went too far in technology to save the earth, so he is trying to end the species' lifespan early.  Crazy man or what?


Name Description
Sunshine Shrine

Sunshine Shrine is the very first area you get to visit in the game.  It's a rather easy to pass by.  The background of this area is that shrine was once used as a place for people to pray to the Sunsi, the Sun God of Earth.  However, since the Perfectionists' domination, this shrine became riddled with thieves...

Perilous Plantation

Perilous Plantation is the second area in the game, it's a rather bumpy territory with angry farmers wherever you go.  Some of the animals here are highly aggressive and attack upon sight, too.  Trash covers many acres of this once very fertile land...beyond here lies a really dirty area which leads to the Town Square.

Grimy Gutter
Grimy Gutter is a downright disgusting area hidden underneath the town, leading to a mountainside casino.  The gutter is a maze of sewage and garbage, and you can light up the candles in the area to bring light and see new locations and new paths to get out.  It is said that the confusing layout of the gutter has prevented people from getting out, thus starving them.
Cruddy Casino
The Cruddy Casino is the fourth area overall and is a very bright palace of neon lights and glittering trash.  Many thieves hide among this area, awaiting to steal your money and properties before hiding in the shadows.  You can use slot machines to try and gain more currency in the game, but fat chance!  Casinos are pretty tricky.
Mountain Monorail
The Mountain Monorail is the fifth stage, and is a train going up the mountain.  You ride atop the train and are supposed to chase down Silver on the other end of the express, but you need to avoid the obstacles that go over the train, including tree branches and birds.  If you're too late, the train will reach its station and Silver will get away.
Eggshell Expressway
The Eggshell Expressway is a highway leading to the metropolis area, although as its name implies, it's a pretty fragile place.  You must always keep moving, for the place falls apart as you run across it.  Occasionally cars moving along the highway will crash and begin fires, which must be put out at times in order to progress.
Virulent Valley
Virulent Valley is the seventh stage and is a highly toxic valley with many poisonous plants growing at the bottom of it all.  It's actually pretty jungle like, just that everything's purple and dangerous.  There's a purple lake that is highly toxic and kills on contact, so it must be avoided at all costs, but you need to cross it in a metal boat...
Lost Landfill
Lost Landfill is an area hidden in the Virulent Valley, where many failed inventions by the Perfectionists were buried due to being not just failures, but from also being really toxic.  Your goal here is to destroy the toxic items and continue seeking out Silver, as he's around here somewhere...avoid the mutated animals.  They're dangerous.
Hazardous Hotel
Hazardous Hotel is the ninth area and is the first thing Crimson and friends visit upon getting into the metropolis.  It's full of blades, chainsaws, wrecking balls, and many security measures due to a hostile, high ranking member of Silver seizing over the place and using it to stop the heroes.  Be sure to check out the lunch room!
Black Borough
(Very Hard)
Black Borough is the tenth area and is the main area of the metropolis.  Many tanks, high ranking soldiers, and the like can be found here, and they're all commanded by Silver to seek and destroy you.  Set off the toxic bombs in the area to make the place collapse, then fight off the toxins and pick up the broken bombs.
Dusky Docks
After bringing down Silver's headquarters, he heads to the Origin Ocean to make an attempt to escape from the heroes.  The Dusky Docks are lightless docks with many enemies from the ocean attempting to get up and attack you, mistaking you for seals (somehow).  At the very end, you can finally engage battle with Silver.
Origin Ocean
Origin Ocean is the very final level in the game, and is the only underwater level.  It's rather fast paced for a water level, you need to chase Silver and defeat him in combat.  It's rather difficult though, Origin Ocean has a maze like structure and as you're going through fragile underwater ruins, the place collapses as you go.


Name Description
Sunsan Blight
Sunshine Shrine
An average ordinary human who wants to test your skills to see if you're worthy of defeating the Perfectionists.  Sunsan Blight attacks with close range karate moves, although can form beams of light to attack the players.  Her special ability is to form two rays of light and spread them throughout the arena to attack, attempting to catch you off guard.
Perilous Plantation
A monster truck and tractor combo, this beast is deadly to encounter.  It'll move at high speeds across the plantation, and will try and run you over.  For the most part, it's invincible, but if you make it crash into the walls, it'll take immense damage.  Its special ability is to ascend in the air and fly and fire barrages of missiles.
Sloogulus Grime
Grimy Gutter
A sludge-like Doomulus Grime that, like this game, isn't quite canon.  It'll fire sludge out of its arm cannon to trap the player before smashing upon them with its heavy sludge body.  To damage it, one must wait for it to open its jaws, where it'll fire an undodgable burst of sludge when it's done charging.  Hit its jaws to stop it from attacking and to damage it.

Slotso Sinwin
Cruddy Casino

A robot that's a combo between a slot machine and a human.  He'll use his weapons of mass destruction to attack opponents, using bombs and the like, but it all comes dumbly from his slot machine body, firing out whatever the player wins.  If you hit the jackpot three times, he'll explode.  His special attack has its own slot, where he'll use a machine gun to rack up damage fast.
Rolling Thunder
Monorail Mountain
A human who wants to be a superhero but is actually not qualified to be one because he's real immature and...too lazy to really save anyone.  He acts like a real thick snake and attacks at lightning speeds, hence his name.  To damage the Rolling Thunder, you'll need to step on its body and its head when it's paralyzed.  Its special attack is to spit venom at you - watch out!   It'll tear through any armor.
Egg Beater
Eggshell Expressway
The Egg Beater is a giant cyborg with many egg beaters and stuff on its back, being made of eggshells and egg yolks and mechanical bits here and there.  With the personality of Dr. Eggman, he'll go around the stage and attempt to slam into the opponents, firing egg bullets  If you damage the "cockpit", you'll inflict great damage.  His special attack is the Egg Bombardment, which deals massive damage over a large radius.
Toxia Solo
Virulent Valley
Toxia Solo is an agent of a secret organization from below a swamp hidden somewhere, and is sent here to stop you in your tracks before you get too far ahead.  She'll jump in the air and fire missiles and bombs at you, and spin around in the ground to reflect muck everywhere, which can get stuck to you and prevent you from moving.  Her special attack is the Sludge Toss, which poisons on contact!
Giga Garb
Lost Landfill
Giga Garb is yet another giant robot, but it doesn't look anything like the Egg Beater, being made out of sludge and garbage from across the world, being used as the Perfectionists' sludge spreader.  You'll go high up in a shaft and step on garbage blocks to move upward, and occasionally you can hit its face.  Be careful through, it's tossing garbage blocks to try and send you back down!
Edgén Lyan
Hazardous Hotel
Edgén Lyan is a swordsfigher that Silver hired to take you down.  He'll fire needles, ninja stars, and the like while moving around the room at high speeds.  He's vulnerable to anything to anywhere on his body, but he'll make it really hard to hit him.  When he's angrier, he'll randomize his attacks and use his mighty special attack: The Pulser, which reduces your defense by half for every time it hits.
Ronald Trumpet
Black Borough
Ronald Trumpet is a human that's fat and ugly and looks like someone put a trumpet and a human together.  He'll blow away the player with his trumpets, then attack with his rifles and stink bombs that cover the room and do constant damage to the player.  His special attack is to make money shower all over the room, flooding it, making less room to fight Ronald in.
Silver Beethoven
Dusky Docks
Silver Beethoven is a very powerful boss indeed.  He'll be in the background for most of the fight, and make hands of shadows come out from the ground to strike the player(s), and lift parts of the ground to move them around, and warp time and space to his advantage.  His special attack uses the Mind Weaver, where he fires distortions of matter to severely damage the player.  To damage Silver, you need to hit his hands.
Origin Ocean
Erebus is a strong beast that is the game's final boss.  It uses distorted time and energy to attack the players, and makes for a difficult boss fight by having itself be difficult to hit, distancing itself away.  It's so strong from its God-like status, being near immortal.  It's special attack is to bring Hell up and trap the players in it, and do very, very high damage.  Defeating it ends the game.


  • Crimson, Crymsia, Syi, and Verlo are all users of nature.  That is what they have in common - and that is what inspired the creation of this game.
  • As everyone else is already human, Crimson has been changed in this game to be a human himself.
  • Most of these characters came from the AoWiki.  But it was trash.  So snicks rebooted his characters.
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