Full Name Morphine
Current Age  ??
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Nightmare Creature
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Teeth, Morphing Ability

Morphine is a creature that lurks in the deep recesses of the Complexo. It is said to be a "nightmarish creature" that takes any opportunity to use it's powers of body morphing, drastically changing their appearances to unrecognizable.


A dark blue creature that has two legs on each of it's wide, rectangular body. It has a great gaping jaw that takes up much of it's body and has two tiny arms with two claws. It's jaw has some semblance to DNA strands and has a crazy set of jagged teeth. It has two stalk-like eyes that glow in the dark.


Morphine is a cruel creature. It likes to see it's victim's new looks more than it likes to eat them, however sometimes it's ability can kill it's victims, causing them to dispose of the body through their giant jaw. Victims are often found doused in pain-reducing liquids while screaming in pain.


Morphine has the ability to transform it's victims into disfigured, distorted versions of their original selves. They can change genders or have new body parts that resemble parts of animals. Morphine also has the ability to eat just about anything, which comes in handy if the victim dies during an attack.


  • Morphine is based off Exotoro's fear of plastic surgery.
  • It is also slightly based off .snickedge's character The Echeno.