Character Character Character Character

"It's been so long, since I last have seen my son! Lost to this monster, to the man behind the slaughter!"

You can be a barista, a secret agent, a fisherman, anything you can imagine with these multi-colored birds!


Guessed by: SuperSonicDarkness

Roger Rabbit

Guessed by: Exotoro

A married couple. They share different movesets, but here's one thing they share: they both star on FOX TV Show.


Guessed by: Exotoro

Old Man McGucket

Guessed by: Exotoro

The secret alter-ego of a Youtube star, who has ALOT of guilty pleasures!


Guessed by: Exotoro

He appears on the wiki's "Construction Sign", but then again, you could say he's "undercover."

Candy and Grenda

Guessed by: DoodleFox


Guessed by: Exotoro

Pearl Krabs

Guessed by: Exotoro

You start the game, you press your name, and her cute dogginess makes you go insane.

It's Batman! I know it! It's Batman!...

What? No?...

But the helmets look similar...

She stars on a child's TV show, has her "Noodle Lasso" and is partners with a bird and a living cactus.

Dancing Bug

Guessed by: Exotoro

You can consider her a female Mega Man, due to the fact she's blue and both are pretty much teens or pre-teens.

The Northwind

Guessed by: Exotoro

A form of Nostalgia Critic, but way more insane then usual.
eShop took everything you hated on the internet from 2007 and made it into a GAME. Do you wanna direct an overrated movie? That we should soon burn down in flames! Cheeseburger! Strawberry! Asparagus! Bacon! GUMMY BEARS!!! Good grief.

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