Current Age 30
Date of Birth September 5th
Gender Female
Species Thermosapien/Cat Girl
Location Lynnhaven
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Height 5'11"
Weight 200 lbs
Sexuality Bisexual
First Appearance  ???
Mocha is a half Thermosapien, half cat girl who appears in Fighters Club Extraordinaire as a fairly minor character. She owns a coffee shop and doesn't have to spend a dime on getting coffee because she can simply generate it. However, her skin is very hot to the touch, causing second degree burns if touched.


Mocha looks like a typical cat girl. She doesn't have a tail but she does have the ears and fangs. She has red eyes and "mocha" colored skin. Her hair is black but has the slight trace of the rainbow in there. Her cat girl ears resemble that of flames. She doesn't actually wear much beyond a brown barista apron with her name on it; no undergarments. She wears a pair of tall brown sneakers. She has size E breasts.


Unlike in the original pitch, Mocha can actually speak fairly well and usually listens to her customer's gripes. She doesn't put up with people who disrespect her, scolding people who attempt to touch her in more than one way. She is proud of her body and isn't embarrassed about it. She tends to mew during conversations to show she is interested. While part of the Multiverse Fighters Association, she doesn't fight too often because she has to keep open her business. As such, she only fights on Sundays and usually has to wear more than just her


Mocha has hot to the touch skin, which can seriously burn anyone touching her. She attacks using very hot coffee, which can give you third degree burns if you really, really anger her.

Interestingly, if poured on with enough water, she can be touched without problem for about an hour. She's still much warmer than a normal person even with all that water though. She usually does this before sex.



  • She was originally a concept pitched by .snickedge (Talk) from her DumpBox. Some changes were made such as allowing her to speak and the belt is missing from her art.