Miss Fright
Current Age 25
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Incomprehensible attacks
First Appearance  ???

Miss Fright is the Zaxinian Lifts' Goddess of Fear, and is often coupled with Giygas, who resides in her backpack, controlling her powers and empowering her strength. She resides alone, separate from the other deities, sobbing to herself, Giygas scaring away all her potential friends.

Miss Fright's real name is Isabella, but she never gets a chance to say this, and because of her lack of vocal communication, she's often been dubbed "Miss Fright" from those around her, due to Giygas always popping out before they get a chance to even speak to her.



Miss Fright is a simplistic angel with white wings and a white body, wearing a black and red skirt with a red shirt, the backpack she's wearing being brown. Her face always has a sanguine blush on it, contrasting with her aqua eyes, her black hair being tied up in ponytails. We all know what Giygas looks like...right?


Miss Fright doesn't actually have any abilities. She leaves the fighting and stuff to her pal Giygas, who uses incomprehensible attacks to dispose of foes as well as corrupted psychic energy. Miss Fright just screams.


Miss Fright is always either screaming, hiding, or nervously communicating, it's hard to get any other expression out of her. She can be angry too, but this usually happens when she's alone with Giygas, whom she often scalds for being too frightening (to no success). Giygas is broken and insane - his personality can hardly be defined.



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