First appearance: Fracture Point

Article contains spoilers for the Halo Series and Fracture Point. Read with caution.

This article uses terms from the Halo series that may or may not be used in the canon.

Miranda Keyes, born Miranda Halsey, was a Commander in the UNSC Navy. Keyes served as the commanding officer of both the UNSC In Amber Clad as well as the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn and was the commander of the Human expedition force to Installation 00 in late 2552. She was the daughter of the late Captain Jacob Keyes and Doctor Catherine Elizabeth Halsey.


Like her father, Miranda Keyes was known for being one of the bravest officers in the UNSC, however slightly inexperienced in comparison. This was demonstrated in various cases, such as her decision to follow Regret's flagship into Slipspace during the Battle of Mombasa, when she would have killed Thel' Vadam at the Battle of Installation 05 were it not for his combat prowess and good reflexes, or in the Battle of Installation 00 when she crashed her Pelican through the Citadel's wall in a last-ditch effort to rescue Johnson, moments before her death.

Due to her unexpected move to follow Regret's ship into Slipspace, she was described by Commander Richard Lash as "The ballsiest officer in the Fleet". He, however, suggested that she may have been trying to live up to the reputation of her father or that she was simply "nuts".


Fracture Point

In her only appearance so far, she appears as "Irregularity" Inori's commander in Once More Unto The Breach . She seems to be more focused on evacuating civilians than battling with Irregular, which Inori seems more focused on. According to developer PabloDePablo, "she most likely won't be playable [either]".

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