Miku Zatsune as she appears in Fighters of Lapis 6.

First appearance: Fighters of Lapis 6

Miku Zatsune is a dark clone of Miku that appears in Multi Man Melee in the Fighters of Lapis series. Her surname Zatsune means "Noisy sound". Her relation to Miku is unknown, although assumingly she doesn't like her.


She made her appearance in the upload "Hatsune Miku 3D, First appearance!!", which features Hatsune Miku in 3D mouthing one of her popular songs. In the PV Zatsune manifests and appears to be ready to fight Hatsune. However, Hatsune is prepared, along with her friends Hachune and Lulu. At the end of the PV, it appears Hatsune has been over taken by Zatsune's influence. Zatsune Miku, in Japan, used to be a parody character as an evil Miku or an anti-Miku attacker android. She was presented with a gray skin color and looked menacing. However, this concept is all but forgotten in Japan, whereas in the overseas community, her popular redesign is treated as a risque Miku, still evil, but in a rather different way. Any further official biographical information by the creator is unknown.

When the game Project Diva Extend was released, the Western fans mistook a Hatsune Miku module as Zatsune Miku. The performance of "Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses", portrays Hatsune as red-eyed, black-haired and pale. This design was simply carried from the original promotional video and bares no relation to Zatsune.


  • Standard Special: Noise - Miku Z sings, causing anyone in the radius of her singing to be hit. She can keep holding it down but if she holds it down for too long her voice will break. When compared to Miku H, the radius is much bigger but the damage isn't as great.
  • Side Special: Mace Twirl - Miku Z twirls a mace and has limited movement while spinning it. Anyone in the way of the mace will get hit pretty bad. This causes more damage than Miku H's leek.
  • Up Special: Dead Leaves - Miku Z grabs two giant dead leaves and uses them to glide in the air. This has less gliding time, but Miku Z can also create an updraft.
  • Down Special: Carnage Car - Miku Z rides a spiked car, which can only go left or right. This is similar to Wario’s bike move. In comparison to Miku H's car, this one is much faster and deadlier, but way harder to control.
  • Super Move: Infinity Series - Miku Z taps her Infinity Series symbol on her shoulder and begins to move at a Xenomonolith induced speed, taking out opponents in her way.

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