First appearance: Fighters of Lapis 6
I hate videogames.
Mickey the Dick

Mickey the Dick is a character that appeared in the web animation series Wacky Game Jokez, 4 Kidz! (WGJ4K) as the main character. He was abducted by a corporation named VGV, who forced him to produce content for a video game comedy show. Mickey hates video games and knows very little about consoles in general (e.g. trying to put the novel Lord of the Flies in a Wii console, thinking it was the video game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess). This is in direct contrast to his co-workers' love for them. He has described his hate for video games as "overly poetic, shallow, interchangeable garbage", "head-up-the-ass retarded" and "video gay." As the series has progressed, Mickey has developed a habit of belting himself in the face with an object with a demented smile on his face during a skit. ("Psychic Surgery", "Confirmed 4 Brawl")

He was formerly a crook, and he is generally not a nice person, although it's suggested he may have not been such a dick previously. It is also suggested that the boss of VGV and Mickey are related somehow; a father son relationship?


  • Standard Special: Psychic Surgery - Grabs two drumsticks and bangs them loudly over his head. This is a handy move if someone is going to land on top of you. It also has a minor vacuum effect.
  • Side Special: Bat - Mickey grabs a bat and swings it hard, knocking down the character who gets hit.
  • Down Special: Bowling Ball - Swings a bowling ball HARD in the direction he's facing. Anyone who gets hit will trip and get damaged pretty well.
  • Up Special: Eric Jump - Mickey grabs Eric and punches him to the ground and then uses his belly to jump off.
  • Super Move: Catzilla - Catzilla pops from the screen and screams, spooking other players to the point where they get launched. Really good once your opponents have gotten a lot of damage.

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