Megald Warriors Evolution is a reboot of the original Megald Warriors game, with many elements implemented from the original

Game Modes

Starter Characters

Character Description Series
Mario Time!!!


A world-famous plumber who specializes in fire-based attacks. He also can use a hammer and a Tanooki Suit during battle. Super Mario Bros


An ally of Mario, Rosalina is a space goddess who uses starbits and her spin jump attack, as well as Grand Stars and space magic. Super Mario Bros
Spider-Man Garfield TASMa


Peter Parker was an average guy until he got super powers from a radioactive spider bite. He can use webs to attack, as well as crawl on walls and use super strength. Marvel Comics

Captain America

A patriotic superhero and member of the Avengers, Captain America uses a shield as a projectile and a defensive weapon, as well as a gun. Marvel Comics


Samus appears without the suit in this game, using a laser gun which doubles as a whip and rocket shoes to attack. Metroid

L Lawliet

A detective obsessed with tracking down "Kira," the user of the Death Note. His attacks involve heavy investigation, as well as eating potato chips. Death Note
Maka Albarn

Maka Albarn

The wielder and meister partner of Soul Eater Evans, who transforms into a scythe, Maka uses Soul's scythe form as a weapon in battle. Soul Eater

Wii Fit Trainer

A pale-skinned fitness trainer, Wii Fit Trainer uses yoga poses and other exercises to fight. Wii Fit

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