Megald Warriors 2: Vengeance is the sequel to the original Megald Warriors game on Fantendo. It will bring back a majority of characters from the previous game, with a lot of new faces as well.

Starting Fighters

Character Description
Mario sw


SSB Mario Series
The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario uses his hammer and fights with fire-based attacks.
Calvin 2

Calvin & Hobbes

The classic duo of an over-imaginative young boy and his stuffed tiger friend join the battle once again! The duo uses scientific devices to fight, most of which are made from cardboard boxes. They also can throw water balloons.

Honey the Cat


The first newcomer confirmed for the game, Honey mostly uses quick melee attacks to fight. She also uses gold pistols, like in Extreme Fighters or FoL5.

Robin a



A customizable mage-like character who uses various spells that can be customized by the player. She also uses an electric sword. You also have the choice to play as male Robin.

Elsa Infinity


SSB Frozen
The queen of Arendelle returns to battle, using her ice magic to fight.
Ruby Rose crouch

Ruby Rose

A huntress-in-training, Ruby is a fast character, utilizing her crescent rose scythe weapon, which transforms into a sniper rifle.
Mickey Fantasia

Mickey Mouse


Disney's mascot, Mickey uses wizardry and a keyblade to fight. Like Mario, he is one of the more balanced fighters.

Wreck it ralph sonic render edit by phrozen123-d5i7gml

Sonic the Hedgehog


The famed blue blur finally speeds into the fray! In battle, his main focus is on speed, and can also use wisps and his spin attack.

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