Roll is one of the first starter characters (other then megaman) that you access, she deals moderate damage but has great agility and speed, though she can trip at points. She is balanced, not having much of a weakness, but moderately balanced for almost all weapons.


Default Moves

RollMugshotSIDE MOVERollMugshot

Roll pulls out a bomb disquised as a bouqet, and throws it forward in an arc.

RollMugshotUP MOVERollMugshot

Beat transforms into a plane and Roll flies up, leaping out as Beat flies away. If Beat meets an obstacle, he will explode on contact.

RollMugshotDOWN MOVERollMugshot

Roll sweeps the floor with a broom, hitting enemies with the broom.

RollMugshotNEUTRAL MOVERollMugshot

Roll pulls a weapon off of her foot, and fires 3 bullets/one charged up laser. Similar to Mega Buster.

Combo Moves

RollMugshotUP DOWN COMBORollMugshot

Roll is picked up by Beat, who is transformed as a plane, but dismounts soon after and slams down with a broom, sending dust that hurts enemies everywhere

RollMugshotSIDE NEUTRAL COMBORollMugshot

Roll loads a bomb into her Roll Blaster, and fires it forward, shooting it farther forward then Side Attack, but dealing less damage

RollMugshotUP SIDE COMBORollMugshot

Roll is picked up by Plane Beat, and she throws a bouqet bomb out of the plane as she goes up.

RollMugshotSIDE DOWN COMBORollMugshot

Roll slides forward, hitting anyone in the way. SHe slides moderately farther then Mega Man

Omega Moves

RollMugshotOMEGA MOVERollMugshot

Rush sprints in and transforms into a drill machine, flying across the screen.

RollMugshotOMEGA FINISHERRollMugshot

Roll combines with Rush, Eddie and Beat and transforms into a bigger and more powerful form that attacks with different weapons, firing beams from a pair of antennae on her head, missiles from her chest, Beat-shaped energy projectiles from her chest, and energy projectiles shaped like Rush and Eddie from the legs.

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