Proto Man may seem pretty much like Mega Man, but over time it is seen how different he is. While Mega Man doesn't have much recoil but lacks a shield, Proto Man has a shield but has very much recoil if hit enough.


Default Moves

ProtoMugshotSIDE MOVEProtoMugshot

Proto Man fires a quick shot that causes a minor explosion. Deals most damage at close range.

ProtoMugshotUP MOVEProtoMugshot

He does a larger jump, though this also deploys a special shield that deflects anything that hits it.

ProtoMugshotDOWN MOVEProtoMugshot

Proto summons a Proto Coil that can be bounced on for height. It can also be thrown to send people flying on contact, though it is pretty heavy, so it falls pretty fast.

ProtoMugshotNEUTRAL MOVEProtoMugshot

Similar to Mega Man, Proto Man fires three bullets forward, though they seem to be significantly lower then Mega Man's shot.

Combo Moves

ProtoMugshotUP DOWN COMBOProtoMugshot

A 'super recover' of sorts, Proto Man jumps up higher and then deploys a spring that boosts him higher.

ProtoMugshotSIDE NEUTRAL COMBOProtoMugshot

Proto Man fires two quick shots that explode pretty quickly, best used in short range.

ProtoMugshotUP SIDE COMBOProtoMugshot

Not much of a 'new' move, Proto just jumps up and fires the two quick bullets, though he loses the shield.

ProtoMugshotSIDE DOWN COMBOProtoMugshot

Proto Man slides forward, hitting anyone in the way.

Omega Moves

ProtoMugshotOMEGA MOVEProtoMugshot

The Proto Jet flies in, as a Proto Cannon pops out from the bottom and shoots at everyone, it quickly dissapears.

ProtoMugshotOMEGA FINISHERProtoMugshot

Proto Man fires up a Big Bang Strike as it zooms out, showing a massive explosion. Proto Man stands up as the dust clears out, pumping hist fist up in success.

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