First appearance: First Shot

Latest appearance: Mysterious Seven Project

Mechawhale is one of the several psychic whales allied with humanity to stop alien invaders through use of massive mechanical suits. Despite being harmed by humans for centuries, the whales chose to use their psychic powers to defend humanity, and now they work side-by-side to ensure their survival. Mechawhale is slow and bulky, but has great strength and tends to be one of the largest fighters in their respective games.


Standard form

  • Standard Special: Miniguns - Mechawhale uses his mounted miniguns to fire off a stream of bullets at his foes. This requires a charge-up, but is extremely powerful.
  • Side Special: Missile Barrage - Using his weapons systems, Mechawhale fires off 3 missiles to his left or right. They can be angled up or down by tilting the control stick when they launch.
  • Up Special: Flight - Activating his built-in jets, Mechawhale can fly in short bursts. His size prevents him from going very high, but landing causes an explosive shockwave.
  • Down Special: Mindshield - Whales all have psychic abilities, and this allows Mechawhale to defend himself from projectiles and magic for a limited time. It can't block physical attacks, though.
  • Super Move: Psychic Whale Frequency - Summoning whales from the deep blue sea, Mechawhale leads a horde of his brethren in a massive belly slam into the stage.

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