First appearance: World War X

MechaGod Optimus Prime is Optimus Prime's form that was obtained millions of years after BEYOND Lapis. Now immortal and invincible, Optimus Prime ascended to god-tier. Shortly after obtaining this form, he learned of the Anti-God Twilight Sparkle and seeked to destroy it. Heading back in time to follow it, he became insane over his journey and believed his friends in the past to be minions of Twilight Sparkle.

After his defeat, he snaps back into sanity and joins your army.

Powers and Abilities

  • Xenomonolith Enhanced Speed - Goes so fast that he can turn the tides of time itself.
  • Robotic Parasite Missiles (RPM) - Missiles that latch onto the opponent. They create small explosions inside the mind.
  • Sword of Galaxies - Sword enhanced with the Power Cosmic.

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