Current Age 16
Date of Birth November 7th
Gender Female
Species Humanoid Scarecrow
Location Previously Hynau
Align Hero-Neutral
Current Status Deceased
Height 5'08"
Weight 60 lbs
First Appearance Lurking in the Dark

May was one of the characters presented in the SyiFi universe, and was a major character, being one of three protagonists (alongside Syi and Hene). She was known for practically being the series' damsel in distress, often being the center of troubles, especially in Frozen Up.


Lurking in the Dark

May appeared late in the story, helping Syi get new clothing to make up for what was accidentally taken away by Hene. She followed Syi when her home got destroyed.

Frozen Up


Physical Appearance

May wasn't as tall as Syi, but was just a bit shorter. May had long, free flowing rainbow hair and had golden eyes, followed by a pearly white smile. Her skin color was a light brown, matching up with the wood that makes up her arms and legs. She wore a white dress.


May was always kind and loving towards her friends, and was scared easily, allowing her to get captured pretty easily. She attempted being careful most of the time, but because she tried too hard, she was bound to screw up every now and then. She adored the company of Syi and Hene and always tried to be close to them.



May and Syi got along very well ever since their encounter in Lurking in the Dark. May was very interested in Syi's nature and always tried to figure out how she obtained all her powers.


May liked Hene but was somewhat afraid of her due to her attacks demonstrated in Lurking in the Dark. She wasn't actually aware that Hene wasn't evil any longer.



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