First appearance: Mysterious Seven Project

Master Chief, also known as John-117, is the main protagonist of Microsoft's Halo franchise. He is a member of the Spartans, a squad that works for the United Nations Space Command (often abbreviated as UNSC) to protect the galaxy.

Master Chief has gone up against the Covenant and the Flood, as well as their ancestors known as the Forerunners. No one has ever seen the visage under his helmet; however, he is known as a hero to the UNSC.


The Mysterious Seven Project

Chief appears in this game as a hidden character, as well as a prominent character in Binary Time. In the latter, Chief arrives in the Mysteriousverse via thumb drive to investigate the mysterious giant coins falling out of the sky. He knows more about these coins than even Nick Fury and the Mysterious Five Organization.


  • Standard Special: M45D Tactical Shotgun: Master Chief shoots his shotgun.
  • Side Special: Energy Sword: Chief swings a blue sword in an arc.
  • Up Special: M6D Personal Defense Weapon System: Chief shoots a high-powered pistol into the air.
  • Down Special: Fusion Coil: Chief places a fusion coil on the ground; if another player hits it, it will explode.
  • Hold Special: M247H HMG: Chief uses a rapid-firing machine gun.
  • Super Move: Warthog: Master Chief drives around in the Warthog, a powerful UNSC armed vehicle, running over enemies and shooting them down.

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