Current Age 1000+ (looks 20)
Date of Birth November 10th
Gender Female
Species Shadow human
Location Unknown
Align Chaotic Evil
Current Status Alive
Class Dark Mage
Shadow Clan (initially)
Mallorian Monarch (current)
Family and Relations
Silver (brother)
Vulnerable To "Orion Powers"
Height 8'05"
Weight 158 lbs
First Appearance General's Journey (2017 video game)
Voice Actor(s)
Melissa Hutchison

Mallory is the queen of the Mallorian Monarch and the main antagonist during the second phase of the Zaxinian Lifts, being a shadow of a beast that emerged long ago from the once-sealed Shadow Cage. She is a manipulative, abusive person who somehow overthrown Fandraxono for the throne and took control of the entire universe, redesigning it into her own image. Her full plan is to completely take the Zaxinian Lifts for herself, find out a way to clone herself over and over again, and then lay a siege on the Fantendoverse before capturing it in a weakened state, having all the time she needs with Syi while her clones take over the world, doing what they can to please their leading figure.


Mallory is an insane, deceptive person who really likes to be in control, trying her hardest to have her hands over everything without having others interfere with her plans. Those who double-cross her or put a dent in her dirty plots are often heavily punished by her, curses being laid on them. Mallory often tries to come off as polite, holding a level head and rarely pulling off a temper tantrum. Even when dealing with people she dislikes, she usually tends to come off as decent to them and tries to crack a joke with them, as if to lift the mood.

When alone or with close associates, she tends to get a little out of whack, planning out long, complex plots and getting seriously frustrated when she gets interrupted or cut off. She can behave very maliciously and attack anyone who dares land a finger on her. In private is where Mallory's twisted, less healthy side becomes more apparent. She becomes overly in control, doing whatever her way without permission and never going back on what she does. People around her are subject to almost anything she does.

While typically thinking about herself and centering the world around herself to achieve her goal of world domination, she also wants to create an indefinite amount of Mallorys to pleasure her "slave", Syi, who had become captive to her and her main source of...disturbing affection. A lot of her moves have either the goal of her getting closer to ruling the world or pleasuring her self-proclaimed girlfriend. Her actions regarding Syi and her views on the world itself have caused her to become vastly unpopular among the Lifts' people.

Relationships with Other Characters


Mallory views Syi as a work of art, and a fascinating creature, lusting after her thanks to her "brilliant design" and her "curves of justice", often seeking her presence or love, but ultimately failing thanks to the fact that Syi is stubborn. Syi really, really dislikes Mallory.



  • Mallory's name actually means "unlucky", which is very fitting for the case of Syi.
  • She is an atheist.
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