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Current Age 20
Date of Birth November 10th
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Female
Species Shadow
Location Unknown
Align Chaotic Evil
Current Status Alive
Class Dark Mage
Zaxinian Government
Family and Relations
Spade (sister)
Main Weapon(s) Black Staff
Vulnerable To Slashes with the Rose Blade
Ethnicity German
Height 8'05"
Weight 158 lbs
First Appearance Bombing
Brawl of the Fandraxonians: Constellation Warfare
Voice Actor(s)
Melissa Hutchison

Mallory is the most powerful person in the Zaxinian Lifts, a shadow emerging from the Fantendoverse, wanting to take over the Lifts for her own needs.  Despite her powers, the Lifts have limits on outsiders' power and she has been heavily nerfed upon entry.  To break the limit on power, she joins forces with another villain to break the chains and allow her to use her goddess powers to wreak destruction, and more importantly, awaken the ultimate tool of destruction. She debuts in Tangled Vines.


Mallory is a towering adult female with a extremely pale white body. She has white eyes with black pupils, and pearly white teeth, and also long purple hair curled up over her left eye and the back of her hair reaching down to her knees.  Mallory wears a purple bathrobe that seems to be partially undone, revealing her entire cleavage and her navel.  She wears tight black shorts, too.  She has size F breasts.

Mallory's left hand has a rose's stem embedded in her palm, the rose itself hanging out of it.


Most of Mallory's abilities are unknown, but a few have been displayed. She has the ability to manipulate others and the ability to teleport, but she keeps most of her abilities a secret, although as her debut game unwinds, more will be revealed.

She is very intelligent, as indicated by her strong abilities. Mallory can read a lot of official languages and decipher codes rather quickly, and access the minds of humans with little to no difficulty. Her weakness lies in computer technology, she cannot get around on the Internet without help.

When Mallory walks, she always places one foot directly in front of the other, as if she were crossing some tightrope, moving her legs fast to do this kind of walking without fail.


Mallory is a liar, a cheater, and an unforgivable person, and she is rude and quite pessimistic, yet somewhat flirty. She tends to be polite in speech pattern, but a lot of her movements can be considered ironically rude and she doesn't seem to care for anyone but herself and Syi, and even for Syi she just wants to mess with her all day. Anyone who gets in her way is either destroyed or sent out of her way. In fact, she is so horrid that some people actually refer to her as an "evil cunt" in the Zaxinian Lifts. That's how bad she is.

Mallory's blessings belong to her manipulative manner and her strong influence over people's minds, being thought of as an excellent mind controller. Her flaws, however, relate to her personality too, once someone gets used to her, they can trick her pretty easily, and if that someone was Crymsia, she can get hit easily with the Rose Blade.

Most of Mallory's thoughts are dedicated to herself, but at times she thinks about Syi, often sexually, as well as certain other people from the Lifts.  She wants love, she wants respect, but no one is willing to give it to her because of her status as a being and her impacts on the Lifts, except for General Snickers, who she doesn't really want.  She feels a lot of resentment towards "hatred" and doesn't want people to really hate anything, and wants to bring love into every situation, even if creepily.  It's said that the members of the Shadow Clan were very against hatred as a whole and believed strongly in love, which is true in Mallory's case.

Mallory has the habit of scratching her body, and in some cases it gets so bad that it distracts her overall and abandons all other activities to scratch herself. Most of the time she's able to keep control over it, however.


Mallory often wears her occasional robes, but in truth, she likes wearing any clothing, as long as it allows her to continue looking attractive.  She often buys (or rather, steals) clothing or jewelry, her two primary priorities when it comes to owning anything.

Mallory eats mainly fruit, and doesn't really like any of the other food groups because they are often not as sweet as fruit itself.  In fact, she refuses to eat any fish, meat, or vegetables, labelling them all as "absolutely disgusting".  When it comes to the other food groups, she just doesn't really care.

Relationships with Other Characters


Mallory views Syi as a work of art, and a fascinating creature, lusting after her thanks to her "brilliant design" and her "curves of justice", often seeking her presence or love, but ultimately failing thanks to the fact that Syi is stubborn. Syi really, really dislikes Mallory, especially considering that she killed May and about killed Hene, her real girlfriend.

General Snickers

Mallory is currently dating Snickers until she finds a way to permanently kill off Hene so she can ditch him for Syi. She finds Snickers charming, relatable, and etc.


Mallory and Glain get along pretty well, to the point where they act very similar. Both admire each other's abilities and work well as a team, although Mallory's constant itching can get on Glain's nerves.



  • Mallory's name actually means "unlucky", which is very fitting for the case of Syi.
  • She is an atheist.
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