Malign Quarantine is a collab umbrella game, serving as a joint project between NightVision Entertaiment, Overclocked, Icy Cold Gaming Industries, and other companies. It will be a 3D Fighting Game using gameplay from most Dragon Ball Z games.

Playable Characters

Character Description


Mr. M

SSB Mario Series

Mr. M is an alternate universe version of Mr. L and Mario combined. He has all of Mario's moves, except his Fireballs are pitch black and he can jump higher than regular Mario. THE RED LIGHTING!!!

Madoka Kaname
Madoka Kaname

SSB Madoka
A plucky and cheerful young girl, Madoka Kaname is a bow wielding magical girl destined to save the universe from the Malign Virus. However, she can't do it alone. Madoka mostly uses her bow to fight. 

Samusfol5Samus SSB Metroid SeriesSamus is a bounty hunter with a powered suit. She exterminated the entire Metroid race once and now she's investigating a substance called Phazon. She uses the arm cannon on her suit to attack and can drop bombs. She can switch to a nimbler suit called the Zero Suit.
SamusZSSAsembleZero Suit Samus SSB Metroid SeriesSamus shifts into her Zero Suit, a much more athletic suit. She can use a laser whip, rocket heels, and her rather long and quick reach to attack. She can switch the power suit at anytime.
Gravity Falls Icon
Waddles is Mabel Pine's pet pig. He isn't the best fighter, nor is he the brightest pig in the world. He's pretty weak, but he can do a terrific headbutt (more effective if the foe lands in mud!)
NEROSNEROS SSB LegoA LEGO Mecha in medium azure highlights with big ass sword and jet pack. He can use the big sword to attack and the jet pack to fly around.
Miss Izzy OrchardMiss Izzy Orchard SSB LegoAnother LEGO MOC, this time resembling more of a human. She attacks using beer barrels and kicks.
SimonandmarcySimon & Marcy SnaillogoAn old man and a young child. While Simon can put on the crown, it makes him go crazy and out of control, so you'll want to attack with pieces of building lying around. Marcy will attack enemies very weakly, so as Simon you need to help her out.
Lucina SSB4Lucina SSB Fire Emblem SeriesFor my father! Lucina is a skilled swordswoman who disguised herself as the hero prince Marth at one point. She is the daughter of Chrom, yet another blue-haired prince who wields a sword. How original. Lucina is fast and balances her power evenly throughout her sword.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Shulk is the wielder of the Monado, and he can use his sword as well as charms to change his stats. He also can summon other leaked SSB4 characters, such as Bowser Jr., Dark Pit, and Duck Hunt Dog. 

250px-aizawa inoriInori Aizawa IElogoThe anthropomorphic personification of Internet Explorer. Can use a shield to deflect attacks, use rocket boots, and a tabbing system which will allow her to attack multiple targets at once. She can also use the tabs as a way of swiping at opponents.
Firefox-koFira Fox SSB FirefoxThe anthropomorphic personification of Firefox. Uses fire based attacks, can switch into different personas to camouflage herself, and can use Thunderbird to send lightning-fast letters at people, blowing them back with the impact.
300px-Dark Pit SSB4 RenderDark Pit SSB Kid Icarus SeriesPit's angsty clone, Dark Pit wields the Dark Pit Staff as his primary weapon, and can fly for a short amount of time.

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