Current Age 20
Date of Birth June 12th; 1995
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Species Human(?)
Location Whitby, United Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Hyperwand
First Appearance Moonbath

Malice is one of two main characters of Through the Never.  She is a witch that came from Whitby, United Kingdom, and is a highly skilled user of magic, especially those of the Dark Arts.  Malice is a multifacet, being skilled in flight, battling, and being able to absorb various forms of energy to heal herself.  Although living in the Zaxinian Lifts now, she actually originated from an alternative dimension of Earth.

Physical Description

Malice is a very tall woman with a smooth face, wild white hair, and sapphire eyes, with three red scars on each cheek. Her body beyond the head, however, is unusual -- her left hand and forearm are nothing more than connected bone, and her right arm is actually three, separate red squid-like tentacles.  She wears azure Greek clothing and holds a silver stick in her skeletal hand.  Around her neck is a diamond necklace with a golden star hanging near her chest.


Despite her name, Malice isn't actually malicious, but is a misunderstood and hopeless being that often drags on others in order to find comfort and happiness, especially if they show positive feelings towards her.  While the dragging can prove to be negative and/or annoying to some, it can sometimes mean that she has a very good bond with that person.  She tends to white knight her friends and refuses to speak bad about them.

Malice can actually fit her name when it comes to people that she has learned to hate or at least despise.  She knows a lot of spells and isn't afraid to cast any of them on people she doesn't like, and can be rude or disrespectful towards them.  However, it is possible for Malice to befriend people that she doesn't like, although will still pull magic on them if they get annoying, although nothing deadly.

She really dislikes being naked and avoids any situation where she has to be such.


Malice has access to the Hyperwand, an extremely powerful wand that only obeys her.  It can preform the darkest of magic and has no limits, and is hardly sensitive so spells can be fired easily.  Her skills include being able to use the Killing Curse, Torture Curse, and Unlocking Charm, but has access to a wide variety of other abilities.  Her signature spell is the Burst Charm, which has similar effects to an atomic bomb.  Beyond her usage of magic, Malice is very limited in terms of ways to fight.

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