First appearance: UmbrellaCalibur

Maleficent is a default character in UmbrellaCalibur. The evil sorceress has tough attacks and great range, but her speed isn't very high and her air game is abysmal, due to her long robe getting in the way. Overall, Maleficent isn't a bad character, but her air game brings her down.


  • Magical Staff: Maleficent's default weapon. It has medium-low speed and high power, with excellent range.
  • Diablo: Maleficent's villainous pet crow. She can send him out anywhere, having one of the best ranges of all characters, and Diablo having high attack speeds. However, his power is very little.
  • Wicked Sword: A coal black sword made of stone, with green thorns growing out of it. It has low range but high attack and speed, and poisons anyone who touches it.
  • Maleficent's Umbrella Edge: A purple version of the Wicked Sword with black thorns growing out of it. It has high attack and speed, decent range, and poisons anyone who touches it.


  • Thorny Toss: A vine appears under the foe and throws them away.
  • Dark Hearts: Lures the foe in close to her and slams them down. Only works on villain characters though, since it requires darkness from one's heart.
  • Green Flame: Maleficent tosses a green fireball at the foe in an arc. It's slow, but sets the foe on fire if successful.

Other Moves

  • Stage Entrance: Diablo flys on stage and Maleficent follows.
  • Taunt #1: Maleficent turns into a dragon and growls at the foe.
  • Taunt #2: Maleficent pricks her finger and falls asleep, but then wakes up and shakes her head.
  • Taung #3: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather approach, but Maleficent swats them away.

Umbrella Smash

  • Dragon Terror: Maleficent transforms into a dragon and swallows the foe before chewing them up and spitting them off the stage.

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