Magical Mystery Murder Quest is an open-world parkour action game (a fusion of games like Assassin's Creed and Minecraft) and is a spinoff of the Crystal Warriors series. It also ties into Naegi's role in The Mysterious Seven Project. It follows Homura's escapades throughout the universe trying to find a timeline where the Crystal Warriors don't fail, unintentionally causing crimes and ripping apart the timelines she wants so much to protect along the way. 


The story begins with an alternate timeline Homura watching as the real world and Voidspace get ripped into one, creating a gigantic city that spans the entire planet, simply titled "Happy City." In this timeline, the Crystal Warriors were defeated, and Mami Tomoe and Kamina were mercilessly killed far prior to the events of Fast-Food Chain From Another Dimension. Homura, as a last resort, escapes the timeline and searches through other timelines in hopes of finding one where Madoka - and the rest of the Crystal Warriors - succeeded. 



Image Character Series Description
Homura New Render

Homura Akemi

Puella Magi Madoka Magica The time travelling Magical Girl outlaw protagonist of the game, (It's a mouthful, I know,) Homura Akemi uses mostly basic firearms and other weapons to attack, as well as being able to levitate. 
480px-Nagitokomaeda Komaeda Nagito Dangan Ronpa A young boy who has a....peculiar fascination with hope, despite leading a quite despair-filled life himself. He uses deduction skills and truth bullets as part of his moveset.  
Xero CW2 Agent Xero The Modifiyers A member of a secret organization, Agent Xero is fluent in the art of disguise. She can also use her partner Mole and cartoon gags, and is one of the better characters for puzzle solving. 
Alpha Alpha (Season 1) TOME The Season 1 version of Alpha uses his many greek god-based attacks, such as his discus shield, shooting lightning bolts, and can also use the Forbidden Power. 
Alpha Season 2 Alpha (Season 2) TOME This version hits quite harder then the Season 1 version of Alpha and uses fire based moves, but lacks the Forbidden Power. Midway through the story the two Alphas fuse to form Alpha Prime, who uses both of the Alphas' techniques. 
Dr Mario Dr. Mario Super Mario Bros. In one of the fragmented timelines, Mario settled down and became a Doctor. But this timeline has been destroyed and the Dr. Mario persona has leaked into other universes, co-existing with the regular Mario. Dr. Mario uses pills as his main method of attack, and jumps higher then most of the other playable characters. 
Cool Smiley MMMQ Accidental Cool Smiley Wikia Emoticons This character is literally useless. He can do nothing but act like he's gangsta, bro. You only pick him when you mean to pick someone else but accidentally pick him instead. Bad Accidental Cool Smiely. Bad.

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