MISERY is a 2014 umbrella video game developed by Unversed Entertainment for the third Lapis Weekly Challenge. The game features a variety of villains on various adventures in the nation of Umbrellia. The game features gameplay similar to Metroid, or Zelda II.


In a style similar to Metroid, Castlevania, and Zelda II, the game is a 2D open-world action game with platforming elements. Each character has special abilities that must be used in their story. All stories have the same formula but different levels and abilities similarly to the Genesis Sonic games. Players defeat enemies and traverse open areas while completing missions and occasionally battling bosses. The game features a system of leveling less focused on micro-managing and more on the go. Players complete evil deeds and defeat heroes to earn Misery orbs. Collecting Misery Orbs automatically upgrades abilities. Players can also collect Curse Orbs, which increase HP when found.

The main mode is Story Mode, where 6 stories(and the secret Final Story) can be chosen, each with new worlds and characters. There is also Battle mode where two players battle it out in an arena. Lastly there is the Dark Chao Garden, where animals and Chaos Drives found in levels can be given to Chao which the player can raise. These can then be summoned in Story Mode or used in Chao Kart and Super Smash Chao. Chao Kart is a kart-racing clone and Super Smash Chao is a 2-player battle in an arena controlling Chao to deplete the other's health bar.


Bowser's Story

After constantly losing against Mario and failing to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser moves to the grand nation of Umbrellia, the center of the multiverse in sights of taking IT over. Arriving with a mere suitcase, Bowser finds himself lost in the hustle and bustle. The suitcase, known as Stuffwell is actually alive and helps Bowser get from the Train Station where he arrived to the Umbrellia Plaza. Bowser gets caught up in a scuffle there with a gang of Goombas attacking a kind old professor. The Goombas accuse him of looking at them oddly. Bowser scoffs and defeats all 10 of the Goombas with little effort. He rescues the kind old professor known as Professor Frankly and sees something shiny in his hands. Bowser, being the merciless mastermind he is, stomps Frankly and steals the shiny object. Stuffwell reccommends that Bowser takes it to the Umbrellia Temple. After going across town, Bowser goes there and makes it through the dungeon. He places the shiny object on a pedestal and a dark deep voice tells him that he has discovered a Misery Emerald. Collecting all 8 will release an ancient god of evil. Realizing that with the god he could not only have Umbrellia but the Mushroom Kingdom as well, Bowser sets off with Stuffwell to find the 7 other. TBA

Robotnik's Story

Darth Vader's Story

The Joker's Story

Gruntilda's Story

Plankton's Story

Final Story


Image Name Series Description
Bowser-NSMBU  King Bowser Koopa Super Mario The "Mario" of this game I suppose. Bowser is a heavy-weight character who isn't exceptionally good at platforming but is powerful and can use fire-breath and his shell. He has medium starting HP.
Eggman Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik Sonic He has the master plan! Robotnik wouldn't normally be running around as Sonic would, so he uses his mech from Sonic Adventure 2 instead. The mech is fairly slow, little air game, and little melee fighting skill, but has powerful ranged attacks. He has high starting HP.
Vader-render Darth Vader Star Wars The dark lord of the sith. Darth Vader has good stamina, high starting HP, and power, but has no air game or ranged attacks. He can use the force and his lightsaber when combating enemies.
Joker Joker Batman A mysterious psychopath and the arch-nemesis of the famous Batman. Joker is not as powerful or athletic as the other characters but rather a large arsenal that allows him to be a jack of all trades. He uses various tricks and weapons. His starting HP is the lowest of all 6 characters.
Gruntilda Gruntilda Winkybunion Banjo-Kazooie An evil vain witch. Gruntilda "Grunty" is the lightest of the characters and has the best air game. However, her special attacks take up the most energy and she isn't very strong in melee combat. Gruntilda attacks with spells and has the second worst starting HP.
100px-Sheldon Plankton.svg Sheldon J. Plankton SpongeBob SquarePants A single-celled pain in the butt. Considering Plankton's size he operates a mech modeled after him. Plankton has average air game and average attack with a fairly wide arsenal. However, he has low starting HP.







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