It's a damn shack. Where's the bed? Fridge? Stove? Closet?
Luthor, arriving at his new "house" in "The Animal Crossing"
Luthor is one of the four main protagonists in the horror-videogame movie "The Animal Crossing". He recently moved to Neuwleaf City, only to find out the cult known as the Gyroid Crossers ruled the city with an iron fist. Having to team up with another villager, a bunny named Doc, and a dog named Isabelle to secretly escape the city, stop the cult, and get back to his old city.


Luthor is cocky and slightly rude. He doesn't hesitate to comment on something in a nonchalant manner, or overexaggerate over the slightest things, such as his "shed". However, Luthor makes up for it in his leadership. The males in his family were all war generals, making him study all forms of leadership. Luthor is also caring. He doesn't want anyone he cares for to get hurt, and would "take a bullet for anyone that he cares about."


Luthor has sandy blonde hair, green eyes, freckles, and a small scar on his left cheek. He usually wears a green vest with blue plaid patterns on it, sand brown pants, and red sneakers.

During the climax, he is seen wearing an army bombshell helmet with a red "L" painted on it. He also wears a pure army camo vest in place of his plaid one.

In the spy scene, he wears a frog suit, including a green jump suit, a frog mask, and a "Team NTDO" shirt over his green-covered chest.

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