Lure Lure Lure Lure
Species Origin Pretty much anything
Alignment  ???
Average Behavior Flirty
Habitat(s) The seventy-second layer of the Greater Painrealms Beyond
Ability/ies Shapeshifting
Weapon(s) Varies
Vulnerable To Not being mad diddled, Carrot Top
First Appearance  ???
Latest Appearance  ???

Lure Lure Lure Lure is a species of advanced succubi that exist... I actually don't know. They have a biology similar to an angler fish's light that allow them to lure innocent people into diddling a demon, which was just a ploy to diddle another demon, which was just a ploy to diddle another demon, and yeah you get the point.


Lure Lure Lure Lure are shapeshifting succubi capable of generating infinire 'lure' bodies to induct travellers into what leading scientists have dubbed 'the Psuedo-Infinity Diddling Threshold', with theories ranging from this effect being used to appease a greater master to just being to screw with modern science.

Sometimes if they really have to try hard they can try to not look like a generic sexy demon and convince you to get a really bad car loan to begin the cycle. I don't know why I'm writing this page, to be honest.

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