First appearance: UmbrellaCalibur

Loki is a starting character in UmbrellaCalibur. Loki is both fast and powerful and is immune to all magical attacks, but takes double damage from every attack besides magical attacks. Loki can be very powerful, but his speed must be used to great lengths if you want to succeed with him, and using long-distance attacks are fantastic with him. Overall, Loki's double damage makes him less than satisfactory for many and outweigh his large strengths.


  • Staff: Loki's default weapon. Strong and slow and pierces defense.
  • Golden Whip: A weapon with excellent range and speed, but little power.
  • Twilight Sword: A powerful and fast weapon with little range.
  • Loki's Umbrella Edge: A golden sword with a green glow. It does high damage at high speeds.


  • Shapeshift: Loki turns into his foe and uses one of their special moves.
  • Force Field: Loki creates a Force Field to redirect any attack if timed correctly.
  • Illusion: Loki creates a decoy that absorbs any attack for him, but is slowed down and his attack is halved.

Other Moves

  • Stage Entrance: Copies the foe's Stage Entrance and then turns into himself, cackling.
  • Taunt #1: Loki slams his staff down.
  • Taunt #2: Loki laughs at the foe.
  • Taunt #3: Loki copies one of the foe's taunts.

Home Stage

  • Asgard

Umbrella Smash

  • Kneel!: Loki slams down his staff, immobilizing all foes and making them constantly take damage.

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