Despite it being primarily a massive crossover, the Theaterverse holds many original characters, although they are usually not the focus of the games.



Stick is a drawing created by the Theaterverse's god of light, Shakespeare. He's two dimensional and is meant to embody creativity, having an immense arsenal of weapons with no bounds. Stick cannot talk, merely grunt, and has inadequate understandings of emotions. He is a simple creature, not needing much and acting on instinct. He is generally good and innocent, but can be manipulated.


Bat - Stick swings his baseball bat.

Pistol - Stick fires his pistol.

Hammer - Stick slams down with his hammer.

Grenade - Stick throws a grenade.

Super Move: Stick Slam - Stick swings his bat around, fires a rifle, slams down a giant warhammer, and finally throws 10 grenades across the stage.



Meant to be a clone of Stick that improved on Stick's mental and physical capablities, Shakespeare accidentally slipped his hand and Scribble was born. Despite having strange movement patterns and weaker attacks, all of it's attacks add a status effect to the foe. Scribble has more of a personality then Stick, although it's mainly a random one. Scribble can be detrimental to missions because of it's low attention span and intelligence.


Shares it's moveset with Stick, besides it's super move.

Super Move: Slip of the Hand - Shakespeare's hand comes down from the heavens as he attempts to create a clone of Stick, but only creating Metal Stick, another Stick, another Scribble, and a rainbow Stick, all of which proceed to rapidly attack the foe.

Metal Stick


Rather then a creation of the gods, Metal Stick is an android created by the Theaterverse's greatest scientists to duplicate Stick. For most purposes it worked, but Metal Stick is much colder and more calculating then Stick. He uses heavy metal versions of all of Stick's attacks, being slower but stronger and can withstand extreme conditions.


Shares it's moveset with Stick, but all metal versions.

Mr. D

Mr. D

A charming criminal, and former manager of Battle Theater. After being exposed as a greedy criminal, he was forced out by the audience who were once fond of him, and he was replaced by Reggie Fils-Ame. Mr. D uses various powers of different superstars and magic in battles with his enemies.

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