Legend of Zelda: Darkness Within is a Legend of Zelda fangame.


A grown-up Link returns to the Land of Hyrule after the events of Majora's Mask, with his 20+ set of masks in tow. Taking a job at the Lon Lon Ranch, he manages to do very well - before Ganondorf returns and kidnaps Zelda. Link must once again set forth to defeat the King of Evil, but must fight his own demons, as the power of his Fierce Deity's Mask tempts him throughout his journey...

Main Plot:



Image Name Role Background
LinkHyruleWarriorsRender Link Playable Character; Protagonist. After his long journey beyond the borders of Hyrule, we find the Hero of Time working at Lon-Lon Ranch, at least until Ganondorf returns. Then he is forced once again to take up the Master Sword in battle.
Skull Kid, Navi, Tatl and Tael. Supporting Character, Sidekick. TBA
Zelda (Hyrule Warrios) Zelda Protagonist. TBA
Sheik (Hyrule Warriors) Sheik Ally. TBA
Ganondorf (Twilight Princess) Ganondorf Antagonist TBA
Darunia Chief of the Gorons. TBA
Ruto Queen of the Zoras.


216px-Hyrule Warriors Impa Artwork Impa Zelda's most trusted Advisor. TBA
Malon Head of Lon-Lon Ranch. TBA
Lana Mysterious Enchantress. TBA

Minor Characters:

Image Name Role
Happy Mask Salesman Happy Mask Salesman Primary character of the  "20-Mask" Sidequest.
Baby Goron
Baby Goron Part of a miniquest, during which you must carry this adorable rock creature.


Hyrule is very similar to past Legend of Zelda titles, having many different locations, as well as some referrences to past games.

Name Main Populous Local Dungeon Items Notable Characters
Hyrule Castle Hyrule Royal Family. None. Zelda, Impa.
Kakariko Village Hylians. Hylian Tombs (Minor) Sheik, Happy Mask Salesman.
Lon-Lon Ranch Ranchers and Farmers. None. Talon, Malon.
Lake Hylia Zoras. Spring Temple Ruto.
Death Mountain Gorons. Summer Temple Darunia, Baby Goron.
Desolate Forest Dekus. Fall Temple Deku Princess.
Snowhead None. Winter Temple
Ikana Canyon Gibdos, Redeads, Stalchildren. TBA King Ikana.

Side Quests:

Unfortunately, Link and Zelda aren't the only people Ganondorf has troubled; the demon king's minions have upset the lives of Hyrule's denizens, and Link may just    receive a reward for his troubles...

The 20-Mask Conundrum:

Remember the 20 normal masks from Majora's Mask? The Happy Mask Salesman brought these masks back from Termina, but Ganondorf's minions took them and scattered them across Hyrule; now he needs Link to retrieve them.

Image Name Where Reward Item Needed
All-Night Mask
All-Night Mask Grotto at Lake Hylia, guarded by Stalfos. 20 Rupees Song of Storms
Blast Mask
Blast Mask
Bremen Mask
Bremen Mask
Bunny Hood
Bunny Hood
Captain's Hat
Captain's Hat
Circus Leader's Mask
Circus Leader's Mask
Couple's Mask
Couple's Mask
Don Gero's Mask
Don Gero's Mask
Garo's Mask
Garo's Mask Adult's Wallet/Giant's Wallet
Giant's Mask
Giant's Mask
Gibdo Mask
Gibdo Mask
Great Fairy's Mask
Great Fairy's Mask
Kafei's Mask
Kafei's Mask
Kamaro's Mask
Kamaro's Mask
Keaton Mask
Keaton Mask
Mask of Scents
Mask of Scents
Postman's Hat
Postman's Hat
Romani's Mask
Romani Mask
Spooky Mask
Spooky Mask
Stone Mask
Stone Mask

Return all 20 of these mystic masks to receive a special reward.


Image Name Obtained Use
Bottled Items:


Song of Time
Song of Healing
Song of Storms
Spring's Awakening
Spring's Awakening
Summer's Prelude Summer's Prelude
Fall's Elegy Fall's Elegy
Winter's Lullaby
Winter's Lullaby
Hero Tunic Basic. Default Clothing.
Goron Tunic Goron Shop, 200 Rupees. Lets Link survive intense heat.
Zora Tunic Zora Shop, 200 Rupees. Lets Link breathe in water.


Image Name Obtained Use
Master Sword
Great Fairy's Sword Great Fairy's Sword Reward for the 20-mask sidequest. Bonus Weapon, Does twice the damage of the Master Sword.
Double Helix Sword Double Helix Sword When Link dons the Fierce Deity Mask. Fierce Deity Link's Primary Weapon.
Hylian Shield
Mirror Shield (Master Quest) Mirror Shield TBA TBA
Hero's Bow
Bottle (6 total)
Megaton Hammer
Gust Bellows
Fire Arrow
Light Arrow
Ice Arrow
Ammo Stock
Deku Nuts
Deku Sticks
Bigger Bomb Bag
Biggest Bomb Bag
Big Quiver
Biggest Quiver
Adult's Wallet
Giant's Wallet
Fierce Deity's Mask
Fierce Deity's Mask Available from Beginning Lets Link transform into the powerful Fierce Deity Link; can shoot beams from the Double Helix sword, blast foes with a powerful magic splash attack, pick up and throw up to 4 objects at once via telekinesis and even fly. The drawback, every ten seconds you use it, it drains your magic supply by 1 unit. 
Mask of Truth
Mask of Truth TBA Lets Link read the minds of those in Hyrule; can check Gossip Stones for hints.
Magic Beans


Lower Class

Middle Class (Minibosses):

Image Name Where Weakness
Dinalfos TBA
Garo Master
Garo Master Main Overworld Areas (anywhere; after two temples) Any magic weapon.
King Ikana
King Ikana Ikana Canyon Light Arrows


Image Name Dungeon Weakness
Phantom Ganon
Phantom Ganon Spring Temple TBA
Volvagia Summer Temple Head
Gohma Artwork
Gohma Fall Temple Eye
434px-OoT Twinrova Twinrova Winter Temple TBA
Ganondorf (Twilight Princess)
Ganondorf Ganondorf's Castle. TBA
Ganon Ganondorf's Castle. Tail
Ganondorf's Castle Minibosses
Image Name Where
Odolwa Lesser Odolwa Fall Barrier
Goht Lesser Goht Winter Barrier
Gyorg Lesser Gyorg Spring Barrier
Twinmold Lesser Twinmold Summer Barrier

You remember this despicable quartet from Majora's Mask? Using his almost-unlimitied power, Ganondorf resurrected these four to serve as the guards in his castle. The twist? They are are (roughly) the same size as Link is now, but they still pack quite a punch.

New Features:

(All Coming Soon)



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