League of Shadow's is a TV series produced by Lone Planet Productions. It stars Shadow the Hedgehog, Bane, Arnold, and other characters as they struggle with each other.


Season 1

  • Mr. Shadow: Shadow the Hedgehog enters the League of Shadows and begins training to commit crimes, but Bane begins to become cynical of him.
  • Paid Intern: The U.S. Presiden's paid intern is constantly pestering with him, so he fires him and tries to find a new one. He soon comes across Sonic and hires him, much to Shadow's dismay.
  • Shadow Bat: Shadow encounters Batman, who becomes a new rival as they compete for the title of "Darkest and Edgiest".
  • Shorts and Vinegar: After meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger, he becomes a valuable member of the League of Shadows due to his gun know-how.
  • Jane?: Janet, a guy with the name of a girl, runs into Shadow and Bane. Shadow becomes cautious around him, while Bane believes he has seen him before.
  • Don't Get Shot: Morgan Freeman hosts a game show where all of the losers get shot in the arm. Contestants include Shadow, Bane, Arnold, Batman, and Janet.
  • Shadow Ops Zombies: A zombie invasion forces Shadow, Bane, Batman, Arnold, Janet, Morgan Freeman, and the President to team up. Even with Shadow's disapproval, Sonic ends up joining them.
  • Darth Shadow: The President refuses to save any country that isn't America from the zombies. Shadow tries to convince him otherwise, but no one understands him. Thus, he turns to the Dark Side and sets out to destroy Sonic himself.


Image Name Series Description
ShadowGenerations Shadow Sonicseries Shadow's tired of Sonic bothering him so much. So what does he do? He signs into Bane's League of Shadows to get rid of him. With Bane guiding him, Shadow will face mafias from all over the Earth. And they're all bats*** crazy.
BANE Bane Batmansymbol The leader of the League of Shadows, who seeks to take control of world governments. While skeptical of Shadow at first, he begins to see him as a "brother" as the show continues.
ArnoldS Arnold RealityM5P Arnold doesn't join Shadow and Bane until later in the first season. He appears to be obsessed with choppers and any guns he can get his hands on.

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