Please excuse the half witted descriptions until things start going wild.

Lavender Scuffle
Vermilion Scrap logo
Logo by Jake
Developer(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises,
Blackout Software
Publisher(s) Lapis Entertainment Ltd.
Platform(s) Nintendo Chrome
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: T for Teen
PEGI: 12

Lavender Scuffle is a crossover fighting game developed by Mirai Moon (Talk) and .snickedge (Talk) for the Nintendo Chrome system. It features characters from the franchises of these two users, all made to fight each other and what not, hence forming another fighting game.


So I think we're going to have some amount of characters.  Probably an equal amount from both people...there are going to be characters, blah blah, separated by class, blah blah, each character has a final smash synonym, blah blah...


General Scotch
Special Moves

Neutral special move: Umbra Slash   Scotch slashes his Umbra Blade forward, sapping a bit of health from the opponent to heal himself. The longer the attack is charged, the more it heals.

Side special move: Bomb Slide   Scotch races forward in a large dash, not dealing any damage, but he lies behind a trail of bombs that explode and actually deal damage.

Down special move: Shield Dispenser   Obtained from recent travels, the shield dispenser forms a small shield around Scotch, which lasts for seven seconds. The shield can weaken over time, and if it is broken before it dies out automatically, Scotch takes a heavy amount of damage and is sent flying.

Up special move: Rocket Launch   Scotch rockets diagonally upward, and floats around slowly. He can attack with his blade whilst he's in the air, although any attack to him will deactivate his hover feature.

Ultimate Attack: Explosive Party   Scotch fires an array of bombs and explosives, covering a long distance and dealing moderate damage to all those caught in the explosions.

Scotch by neon
General's Journey

General Syande
Special Moves

Neutral special move: Vampiress Strike   Syande swings her claws around herself like a tornado and spins around. Anyone caught in the tornado is tossed away.

Side special move: Deep Chomp   Syande races forward, then places the opponent's neck into her mouth, inflecting a large amount of damage. During this attack however, she is very vulnerable to any attack.

Down special move: Supersonic   Syande fires a large screech from her mouth, confusing opponents nearby, and pushing away those who are close. She cannot use this attack too many times in a row or she herself will become confused.

Up special move: Gust   Syande flies into the air in a huge burst of wind, blowing away opponents. Syande can hop midair twice before fully descending.

Ultimate Attack: Fury Spin   Syande will drag an opponent or more into the air, and swing them around and around. Eventually, she will fire them downwards towards her friend Brook, who will swing a powerful punch towards them. At high percentages, opponents will fly off screen.

Syande by neon
General's Journey

Special Moves

Neutral special move: Doll Bash   Charmine fires a barrage of dolls for immense damage, although she needs to wait before firing another blast. If she fires too early, she'll fire a much weaker barrage of dolls.

Side special move: Possession   Charmine possesses an opponent right in front of her, shoving them away.

Down special move: Gravity   Charmine forces the opponents around her to go down if they're within her attack range. If opponents are already going down, they'll go up instead. Gravity works for four seconds.

Up special move: Angel's Light   Charmine flies upward in a spiral, attacking those above her.

Ultimate Attack: Ventriloquism   Charmine summons a large dummy, making it screech high launching waves, then make the dummy crunch its mouth on foes for immense damage if it makes contact.

Charmine by neon
General's Journey

Special Moves

Neutral special move: Shadow Punch   Ghasja tosses one of his fists forwards and smashes it hard against the opponent. The fist will hit over and over again until Ghasja himself is hit.

Side special move: Elemental Wave   Depending largely on the clothing he is wearing, he will either push opponents away from him, paralyze them, burn them, or poison them. The wave deals a little bit of damage as well.

Down special move: Color Change   Ghasja fires a blast around himself, dealing small damage, changing his clothing color. He can change it to white to fire a burst of wind, to yellow to paralyze foes, red to continuously burn them, or purple to poison them.

Up special move: Peril Loop   Ghasja flies straight upward, and then goes through a loop. Ghasja is invincible during the move, but once it ends, he falls straight down, unable to do anything.

Ultimate Attack: Shadow Graveyard   Ghasja will rip apart the ground underneath, summoning a graveyard. Pointing a bloody finger, Ghasja will force the undead to attack those on the field for a short period of time.

General's Journey

Special Moves

Neutral special move: Psychic   Pierce will stop his opponent from moving as long as the opponent is directly in front of him. The more damage Pierce takes, the more force he can exert into Psychic, being able to push the foe back an incredible distance.

Side special move: Spiritual Laser   If Pierce is in the lead, he will fire a Lawful Laser, dealing a small amount of damage to those who touch it. The laser is quite long, too. If he is behind the others, he will fire a Chaotic Laser, dealing a large amount of damage to those who touch it. This laser is short ranged, however. If he is not last or in the lead, he will fire a Neutral Laser, which does a moderate amount of damage whilst being of a decent width.

Down special move: Recovery   Pierce will root himself to the ground and start draining energy, although slowly. If he is attacked, the roots dissipate, but Pierce will not go flying until he is hit again.

Up special move: Shadow Cape   Pierce will ascend upward with his cape, then do a short zoom to the left or right depending on the player's choice. However, he falls quite quickly during the zoom.

Ultimate Attack: Persona Blast   Pierce will burst the ground around him apart, and reveal twelve, separately colors lights. All of these lights fire small lasers that deal decent amounts of damage. If the opponents are caught, they cannot move. There is no launch from any of the lasers, but the damage output will likely be large. Once the last laser fires, the attack ends.

Pierce by neon
Split Personality

Special Moves

Neutral special move: Bullet Blast   Frink fires an incredible amount of bullets at once, although the blasts are mostly scattered, quite a few of them fly straight forward.

Side special move: Mail Shot   Frink tosses either an envelope or a package. Often it will be a low damage, long range envelope, but occasionally a package will be placed forward instead. If he picks it up, he can hurl it towards a foe, or swing it right into them for a good amount of damage. Other opponents can pick up the packages, too.

Down special move: Assault   Frink lies an assault of bombs across the ground, behind him and in front of him, each doing quite a small amount of damage.

Up special move: Grapple Hook   Frink yanks a hook upward, using it to get atop a platform. He can also use it to hit airborne opponents and yank them down.

Ultimate Attack: Postal Service   Frink calls upon his postal service, who offer Frink coffee for him to drink, and a few of them go forward and attack the opponents, although they can be defeated. The coffee that has been drunken will heal Frink.

Ordinary Mailman

Special Moves

Neutral special move: Quickshot   Jake fires a small lightning bolt forwards that soon explodes into a pulse of electricity.

Side special move: Lightning Strike   Jake rushes forwards. Should he hit an opponent, he will strike them with an electric punch.

Down special move: Shock Absorption   Jake takes a defensive pose. Should he be attacked, he quickly counters the attack with an electric pulse.

Up special move: Binary Boost   Jake pushes himself upwards by shooting waves of binary code downwards. Opponents take damage only when they make contact with Jake.

Ultimate Attack: Lightning Rod   Jake charges up before shooting a large beam of electricity forwards across the screen. The electricity simply stuns opponents, and after it disperses, everyone who touched the beam is knocked away by explosions.

Jake by Shadow Inferno

Special Moves

Neutral special move: Watchman   Blacklight crouches down and transforms the Beam Blade into its rifle form. He then proceeds to fire three consecutive shots from the rifle.

Side special move: Phoenix Grace   Blacklight slashes with the Beam Blade in its sword form. Tapping the button allows him to slice three times, with the final slice having a 30% chance of dealing fire damage.

Down special move: Slice Dance   With the Beam Blade in its sword form, Blacklight spins it around him. After spinning the beam around him twice, he thrusts upwards, knocking away anyone who was trapped in the slice and above him.

Up special move: Rising Shot   Blacklight shoots downwards with the Beam Blade in its rifle form, propelling him upwards, before quickly transforming it and slicing forwards.

Ultimate Attack: Black Light   Blacklight slices across the stage once, leaving behind a shadowy trail, before slicing through it once more to hit enemies both ways.

Blacklight Wylde

Special Moves

Neutral special move: Zodiac Blast   Dakota forms a small orb that glows with a Zodiac sign before throwing it forward. Charging the move increases its size and damage dealt.

Side special move: Flying Uppercut   Dakota rushes forward, his hand glowing blue. If he connects with an opponent, he will fly upward with the opponent dragged along with him.

Down special move: Low Sweep   Dakota rushes forward, his hand glowing blue. If he connects with an opponent, he will fly upward with the opponent dragged along with him.

Up special move: Quick Scale   Dakota creates a large scale out of energy and stands on the right scale. A rock will then fall on the left scale, and he will fly upwards, his hand glowing as he ascends.

Ultimate Attack: Zodiac Circle   Dakota creates a Zodiac circle out of energy and draws in nearby opponents, before fire, wind, water and rocks blast the opponents trapped from all angles.

Dakota the blue thing
Partial Macrocosm

Ru and Phi
Special Moves

Neutral special move: Petal Storm   Ru and Phi create razor-sharp rose petals before blasting it forward in a torrent of wind. If one of them have been KO'd, then the remaining twin will create a horizontal tornado.

Side special move: Twin Spin   Ru and Phi will spin while they hold each others' hands. As they spin, wind spins around them, throwing people caught in their torrent. If one of the twins is KO'd then the remaining will spin on their toes as wind spins around them in a torrent.

Down special move: Sky Beam   Ru and Phi will create a beam of light from the ground into the sky, knocking opponents upwards. If one of them is KO'd, then the beam will have a shorter reach.

Up special move: Mayflower Bloom   Ru and Phi will create a large flower out of energy, before shooting them upwards quickly. The flower grows faster should one of the twins be KO'd, as the flower also becomes smaller.

Ultimate Attack: Hexathunder   Ru and Phi will create a tornado. Should an opponent get trapped in it, then both of the twins will create three clones and fire beams of electrified flower petals into the tornado. If one of the twins had previously been KO'd, then they will respawn upon using this move.

Purple Twins
Partial Macrocosm

Princess Yuki
Special Moves

Neutral special move: Snowfall Wind   Yuki surrounds herself in a crystal of icy wind, freezing and slightly damaging those that come in contact with it.

Side special move: Ice Rush   Yuki rushes forwards, freezing all those in her path and slightly dealing them.

Down special move: Water Run   Yuki slowly surrounds herself in an icy crystal that slowly heals her. As the crystal keeps her invulnerable to all but fire, she will instead freeze if the move is used multiple times in succession.

Up special move: Windy Whack   Yuki creates a torrent of icy wind that throws her upwards to deal great damage and knockback to those that come in contact with her.

Ultimate Attack: Crystal Crash   Yuki summons a giant icicle, that crashes down into the stage to freeze everyone around it.

Yuki's Wind

Special Moves

Neutral special move: Kelp Crush   Woah chomps down hard to deal massive damage to opponents.

Side special move: Geiser   Woah rushes forward, as he covers himself in a torrent of water.

Down special move: Water Gun   Woah crouches and fires a current of water forwards.

Up special move: Jet Pack   Woah fires two beams of water downwards to propel himself upwards.

Ultimate Attack: Crash Landing   Woah summons an escape pod that crashes down into the stage and explodes.

F-17 Continuity



I'm pretty sure when most people make umbrella games they don't really do much with the stages.  That's sad because stages are awesome if done right.  Anyway same deal with characters; both users post the same number of stages to represent their various franchises.




What's a good fighting game without items?  There's a good number of items in this game, and like before both users post the same number.  You can turn these off, or just turn off certain items.


There're plenty of these guys in the game for you to summon.  If turned on, cards will occasionally fall on the field.  Upon picking up three cards, the third card picked will have a character summoned from its face.


Some stages have bosses, which are just like obstacles, but bigger and badder.  Too bad these guys aren't playable, but hey, we need balance after all! :P


Let's face it, some characters are more powerful than others...and some are weaker than others.  Not everyone can be fully balanced.



  • Lavender Scuffle is a reboot of the old Fantendo project; Vermilion Scrap.

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