The URA(Umbrella Reviewing Association) is a group located on the Lapis Wiki that reviews various games on the wiki. Although their name may lead you to believe that they only review Umbrellas, they also review regular games.

The Proccess

  • Members submit reviews of a game. At least 3 must be sent to gain a rating
  • The scores are averaged.
  • The game is given the averaged score.
  • Games that score in the 8s get a bronze medal, games with 9s get a silver medal, and games with 10s get a gold medal.


For a review to be accepted, it needs to be well thought out and as long as at least a 5-sentence paragraph. The game in question must be a serious game, although it doesn't have to be done well. Each review must come with a numeral score from 0(worst) to 10(best) and decimals ARE allowed.

Review Submissions

Submissions will be reviewed and accepted by an admin or bureaucrat.



Request your game to be reviewed here. Please stay in line.


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