Lapis Stardom/另一个插曲 is a game that is a part of the Lapis Challenge, made by .vectorDestiny as he tries to mimic Exotoro's style. Lapis Stardom is a fighting game based upon the Fighters of Lapis series, more speciffically, Fighters of Lapis 6: Brotherhood. The game's main theme is an 8-bit mix of Madeon - Finale.

Game Modes


  • Brawl - Duke it out with three other friends or three other CPU. Fight with your own rules, be it Stock, Stamina, Coin or Timed matches.
  • Tournament - Up to 32 players online or locally, play a tournament to see who is the best.
  • Earth Defenders - In this mode, the players have to cooperate to protect the Earth from the upcoming invasion of the Lapis Beasts. The player have to power themselves up before the battle begins in 5 minutes. The mode is over once all the Lapis Beasts are defeated or the players are defeated.
  • Lapis Lethal Golf League - Play golf, but all the golf balls are replaced with fireballs. The objective is to be the last one remaining, aim your golf shot at the opponents to win.


  • Story Mode - Fight the mysterious being known as the Shapeshifter in adventure through Space and Time! The story mode is similar to the story mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Classic - Fight 24 random opponents to at the end where you fight Tabuu.
  • Reverse Classic - Start fighting off Tabuu and then go fight the other opponents.
  • Halloween Town - Replaces Classic during Halloween, fight against horror-themed characters.
  • Boss Rush - A marathon where you have to fight all the bosses again with no save in between.



Using the Lapis Stardom Application on the Nintendo 3DS it unlocks the Streetpass function for the game.

  • Lapis Kingdom - Create your own kingdom and grab new characters and items from the people that uses the function.


  • Cauldron - Here you can mix up items to unlock new items or to unlock new characters in some occassions.

Story: The War of the Cosmos

Starting Characters

Image Info
440px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
SSB Mario Series
Mario is your everyday hero having to save the princess who is against having a security system because I don't know, that would make her not turn her castle into a raceway or a tennis court. He attacks utilizing his power-ups, his kart and items from the Mario Party minigames.
NES Mario
NES Mario
SSB Mario Series
Back then, Mario ruled the fucking world. He was just a fat plumber saving a princess from turtles but America and the whole world was addicted to this love story. NES Mario is a more limited version of the plumber, as he can only utilize his Fire Flower and his own jump as attacks and he can be easily defeated by one hit.
Toon Mario
SSB Mario Series
Animated by a company that is named DiC Entertainment, Toon Mario comes from the thankfully now forgotten Super Mario World animated series and the many other ones. Toon Mario can be considered an upgraded version of NES Mario, he can't still take a hit, but now he can use abilities from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World as well as spaghetti puns. Lots of them.
SSB Mario Series
Luigi is Mario's brother and the one that gets more attention. Hell, he even got his own year! Luigi is a socially awkward person that is also afraid of ghosts but he is himself a ghostbuster. It is like giving a job of a paraglider to a person that is afraid of heights, but Luigi is a determinator and fights his own fears to do good things. He also uses power-ups like Mario, he can propel himself using the Green Missile and suck people utilizing the Poltergust.
NES Luigi
NES Luigi
SSB Mario Series
To prove how Luigi is so popular, even back then when he didn't even had a personality he was still famous. NES Luigi is a clone of NES Mario, with the only difference being that NES Luigi jumps higher than Mario and he is somewhat faster too.
Vectorized Confused Mama Luigi by lordkhaos0
Toon Luigi
SSB Mario Series
Also animated by a bunch of DiCs guys who animated Toon Mario, Toon Luigi comes from the sadly remembered dark times from the Super Mario World cartoon. Like NES Luigi being a NES Mario clone, Toon Luigi is somewhat a clone of NES Mario, but he also has a new move, which is Baby Yoshi, which can eat items or sometimes even people.
SSB4 - Bowser Artwork
SSB Mario Series
Bowser is probably the name of that kid from down the streets who is probably mentally insane that thinks that turtles are the greatest thing to form an army. But anyway, Bowser is the king of the Koopas and he is also a Koopa, probably of the Teenage Mutant Ninja variety. Bowser can breathe fire, use his own shell as a helicopter, like Gamera and he can also summons his own minions to attack the enemies.
NES Bowser 5
NES Bowser
SSB Mario Series
Back in the times in which games are just point A from point B, instead of some deep philosophy thing, NES Bowser was the scariest thing to exist. Like the other NES characters, NES Bowser is a slower version of Bowser who can only breathe fire and shoot hammers.
SSB Mario Series
A monkey! Someone thought that it was a good idea to put Dennis Hopper as Bowser. Academy Award nominated actor Dennis Hooper also plays Bowser in Lapis Stardom, in this he uses jetpacks to fly around and can devolve beings utilizing his Super Scope. He is somewhat bad at his job of fighting tho.
Peach - Mario Party 10
Princess Peach
SSB Mario Series
Princess Peach as the most brilliant troll to exist. She gets captured by Bowser many times only to be saved by Mario, even though she is capable of freeing herself as shown many times. I guess she had to do something to make Mario do something in his life. Peach can attack people utilizing Toads, utilzing her own butt, that some how creates heart-shaped explosives? Man, what were they smoking back then.
Toon Peach
SSB Mario Series
Toon Peach is a character that is a character. She has a personality I guess? She can surf on water, which means that she doesn't drowns and she can also sometimes use her fire flower. Or make spaghetti puns, that works too.
SSB Mario Series
Rosalina is the goddesses of the galaxies that doesn't do anything besides babysitting child friendly stars. And using them as projectiles, killing them in the process. Rosalina fights utilizing the freaking galaxy against the opponents or utilizing the Lumas to shoot japanese candy stars or shoot them like pistols.
Daisy MK7
SSB Mario Series
Hi, she is Daisy! Daisy is a tomboyish princess, which is clearly shown through her non existant personality in the Mario series. She uses weapons like tennis rackets and golf clubs as her own weapons or she even kicking footballs on the people's faces.
Sonic 2006 pose
Sonic the Hedgehog
It's Sonic the fastest thing alive before Sega turned him into a mobile phone app, RIP in fast. Sonic fights utilizing his own fastness, but he doesn't have many KO moves. He can attack the opponents directly utilizing his Homing Attack or charge a powerful spin at them with the spin dash.
Edgy Toon Sonic
It's Sonic... the prince of a kingdom that is currently under Robotnik's control who is also a guitar player and lead singer of a band that he forms with his brothers? This is edgy Toon Sonic and don't you forget it. He can use pretty much everything that Sonic can except for his modern era abilities and he can also defeat opponents with the POWER OF ROCK.
Vray adventures 3 0 custom tails winning pose by josh98 official page-d6a3gmr
Miles "Tails" Prower
Tails is a fox that is insanely genius to the point that he made a fucking helicopter, by himself, which makes just as sense as me making a Lapis projec- oh wait. Tails can fly by spinning his butt and he can also attack using his tails or his Arm Cannon from Sonic Battle.
Pit R
SSB Kid Icarus Series
Pit is an angel from Heaven I guess, who was sent by lady Palutena to defeat the world from a great evil led by Medusa and Hades. He is a guillable hero, he does anything that his lady commands to. Pit has a large arsenal of weapons, but he mainly uses his wings to fly and his bow and arrow given to him by Lady Palutena.
Classic Pit
SSB Kid Icarus Series
I used to like Pit when he was not cool. This not voiced by Anthony Del Rio Pit is a Pit from a game that is very fucking hard, which can be described as Metroid if it was on Mount Olympius. Classic Pit can't fly as much as the Modern Pit can and his arsenal is much more limited than the other Modern Pit.
SSB Kid Icarus Series
Didn't you knew that goddesses does have a sense of humor? Palutena does. Palutena is the goddess of light and her duty is to protect humanity. She can utilize many of the same weaponry that Link can use while also having some tricks of her own.
Classic Palutena
SSB Kid Icarus Series
When she didn't had a sense of humor, Palutena was just another Peach-like character, the Damsel in Distress waiting to be saved by the hero. Classic Palutena is an improved Classic Pit, as she uses the Three Sacred Treasures for her moveset.
SSB Fire Emblem Series
Robin is the master of the kills, the tactician of the Ylisse army. Robin can utilize both magic and swordfighting, making him/her a very useful combantant on the field. Robin mainly utilizies magic in his/her moveset, only utilizing his swordfighting skills on the melee attacks. The player can choose the gender of Robin before starting the match.
It is the player and he is packing some heat. The Player used to be a burgular working for a mad clown until he accidentally went back to the past and was confused by Doc Choc to be the hero of time! The Player utilizies many weapons such as a machine gun and a rocket launcher, while by also able to use a flying suit and even a super hero costume!
The Mask (Jim Carrey)
Mask Symbol
Smokin! When a banker with a somewhat sad life gets a magical mask that turns him into a green thing what could this lead to? A horrible sequel. And comedic hijinx. Jim Carrey's The Mask is a somewhat easier to use but very unpredictable, even to the player that is using him, since his weapons always change depending of the situation to make him fit in a joke.
The Mask (Comic Book)
Mask Symbol
Smokin! When a banker with a somewhat sad life gets a magical mask that turns him into a green thing what could this lead to? Death and destruction. Unlike the lighthearted Jimmy Carrey version, the original Mask is a coldhearted murder that has a sick sense of humor. Think as it as a mix of The Joker and Deadpool, yeah that works.
Samus garridk
SSB Metroid Series
Samus is the space bounty hunter who is that because goddamn ain't that an awesome thing to be. Samus is a person that was trained by bird-like species called the Chozo, aka should be in SSB4 Chozo, and recieved a fucking awesome armor from the Space Federation and now she can blow up shit with many different lasers and missiles while also having other skills such as the Screw Attack and more.
Zero Suit Samus
Zero Suit Samus
SSB Metroid Series
Zero Suit Samus is Samus when she decided that the space armor was too cool to use. Without her armor, ZSS utilizies a paralyzer gun which has much use combat as a toothbrush, but it can shortly paralyze the opponents for a short time and can lead to a combo. She is pretty fast and also a martial artist.

Unlockable Characters




Starting Stages

Image Info
Peach's Castle
SSB Mario Series
Peach's Castle is, well, exactly that Peach's Castle. The players fight on top of karts on the Royal Raceway before going on the top of the Castle where the battle stays on. The stage has two flat surfaces on the left and on the right and a higher one on the middle. This stage is easier to defeat opponents on, as it stays on a higher level than the other ones.
Acorn Plains
SSB Mario Series
Acorn Plains is an auto-moving stage which is a perfect recreation of the level in NSMBU, but without any secrets hidden on the pipes. When the stage reaches the end, the level just resets. The level also features the Waddlewings and Goombas as hazards and it is the only level where the player can get the Acorn Mushroom.
Airship level
Bowser's Airship
SSB Mario Series
Another auto-scrolling level, in which the player has to dodge from Bowser's minions that doesn't wants the players to get to the main area where a random Koopaling is hidden. The level also has a stage boss, which is one of the seven Koopalings. When the Koopaling is defeated, the level just resets and another boss is chosen.

Unlockable Stages

Alternate Costumes

Go here to see the alternate costumes.

A reused feature from previous FoL games, each character have alternate costumes based on canon or fan appearances.




Alternate Narrators

Character Posters

Cheat Codes


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