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Human lance
Full Name Lance Euther
Current Age 18
Date of Birth September 20th
Gender Male
Species Human
Main Weapon(s) Dragonslayer
Voice Actor(s)
Serj Tankian
 Lance Euthar the Fifth is the leader of the Moonlapse Knights as well as the Prince of the Farkoff Kingdom, and is a close friend of Crymsia's. His status as a powerful knight has been subject to much controversy, due to his very low intelligence and his weak swordsfighting talent, but powerful talent in many other fields.

Game Appearances


Lance has a suit of armor that covers all areas of his body, minus his face, which is guarded by a pink face mask instead. The armor he is in is a shining pink, with a white face and body beneath it. The hands almost always hold a sword (known as the Dragonslayer) and a shield (known as the Dragonshield). His eyes when seen are a golden color.


Lance always carries a sword and shield, known as the Dragonslayer and Dragonshield, respectively. The Dragonslayer pierces through almost all defenses and is Lance's only method of actually attacking. If it becomes dull in battle, Lance sharpens it using his shield, which wears away as a result too. If the shield wears off too much, Lance must seek medical help. The Dragonshield guards Lance from many physical attacks as well as weak projectiles and is Lance's only form of defense.

Lance tends to stab himself a lot.  No one, not even he himself, knows why he happens to stab himself. Specifically, he often stabs his heart and important organs, but thanks to his partial immortality, he doesn't take damage nor hurt anything in him. He later learns an ability from Silver that creates another sword in front of him when he stabs himself, the second sword slashing in the direction he stabs himself from.


While Lance may act extremely serious as a knight, he's way more a comedian and entertainer when he's not. Lance is extremely kind and generous, never ceasing to stop acting like this, often doing weird but friendly gestures to people. He grows overconfident at times and can make a fool out of himself, but everything usually turns out all right in the end - for his friends anyway.

Lance is acknowledged to be extremely dimwitted, he's at the point where he rivals Bob the Blob for the stupidest important person in the Zaxinian Lifts. His very low intelligence comes from a lack of proper communication skills and the fact that no one wanted to teach him because his armor was pink. Stupid, he knows that.

Lance gets into the habit of rhyming almost every sentence he forms, often speaking in couplets or full on poems.  The only times where he doesn't is if he has amnesia and can't remember that, but once he gets his memory back, he'll sure remember that part of him in full.  If you disrespect Lance's poetry, he'll attack you full force.

Relationships with Other Characters

Elize Bolt



  • Lance is heavily inspired by a different OC, Crimson the Roserade.
  • Lance's art was originally created by Amy.
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