First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

The Lagann is Simon's personal Gunmen which he finds in the first episode while digging tunnels in his village. It received its name, Lagann (羅顔), meaning "enveloping face", from Kamina and draws power from the Core Drill, a small golden drill Simon uses similar to an ignition key. In Gurren Lagann Parallel Works episode 8, it's revealed that the first Laganns were found by Lordgenome as a child during the Anti-Spirals' initial assault on Earth long before the series' story begins and as such were used as a basis in the creation of the all Gunmen that appear in the show to use against their enemies. However, after Lordgenome's betrayal he seemingly destroyed all of them except for the one that was placed deep underground until Simon finds it.

Unlike any other Gunmen in the series, the Lagann sports a unique cockpit and stands just short of an average human adult as opposed to the others which are all mostly the sizes of small buildings or larger. This physical handicap, in tandem with the usually average level of fighting spirit supplied to it by Simon, puts the Lagann at a considerable disadvantage in single combat against enemy Gunmen. However, when Simon is driven to give his best during combat the Lagann's power increases exponentially, giving it the unique ability to generate drills from nearly any part of its frame. Lagann's other and most notable power is the "Lagann Impact", its trademark ability to combine with other machines by piercing them with its drills. It's through this ability that the titular Gurren Lagann is created, along with the other more large-scale mechas in the series. It also can fly by using a small battery like object on its back.

The mecha appears in The Mysterious Seven Project as a playable character. It has the unique ability to unlock mecha through combining with it (using bro moves).


  • Standard Special: Drill Punch - Punches by turning hand into a drill.
  • Side Special: Spiral Spin - Spins around, knocking anyone in the way.
  • Up Special: Propel Up - Uses jet pack to fly upwards.
  • Down Special: Drill Tunnel - Burrows underground to propel out.
  • Super Move: Cannonball - A high speed throw. This attack initially misses, but then Lagann comes back and OHKOs the character he was aiming at.
  • Bro Move (With Gurren): Gurren Lagann - See Gurren Lagann for more info.

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