LEGO Batman 4: World In Peril is a LEGO fan game for the RiiVolution Ultima, Xbox One, and PS4.

Main Game

Hub World:


Main Story Levels:

Level 1: The Bump in the Night
Level 2: ???
Level 3: ???
Level 4: ???
Level 5: ???
Level 6: ???
Level 7: ???
Level 8: The Armor Upgrade
Level 9: ???
Level 10: ???
Level 11: ???
Level 12: ???
Level 13: ???
Level 14: How far, now?
Level 15: And then there were Braniacs!

Hub Levels:




Name Description

3 versions of Nightstreak have the rare ability to climb up all the types of climbable walls (Climbable Walls, Ladders, Magnetic Walls, Super-Sense Walls)

Suits A few of the main characters have access to 2 particular suits whenever their icon shows up.

Heroes (Story):

Name Abilities Weapons
Batman Grapple, Tech, Suits. Batarang
  • Power Suit
All Batman Abilities, Explosive, Super-Strength. Missiles
  • Sensor Suit
All Batman Abilities, Invisibility, X-Ray Vision. Batarang
Robin (Tim Drake) Grapple, Acrobatics, Suits. Batarang
  • Gravity Suit
All Robin Abilities, Dive, Magnetic. Magnetic Rocks
  • Attract Suit
All Robin Abilities, Hazard, Suction. Goo shots.
Nightwing Grapple, Acrobatics, Tech, Suits. Wingding (Batarang)
  • Glacier Suit
All Nightwing Abilities, Ice, Water. Ice Balls
  • Shine Suit
All Nightwing Abilities, Illumination, Shield. Shield Throwing
Batgirl Grapple, Suits. Batarang
  • Bat Suit
All Batgirl Abilities, Sound, Glide. Sonic Gun
  • Energy Suit
All Batgirl Abilities, Beam, Drain/Charge. Beam Cannon
Superman Flight, Invincibility, Freeze-Breath, Super-Strength, Hyper-Strength, Beam, X-ray Vision. Heat Vision (beam), Super-Breath
The Flash Reassembly, Speed.
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Flight, Power Ring, Shield. Constructs
Cyborg Tech, Magnetic, Laser Eye (Beam) Laser Eye (beam)
  • Space Suit
Laser Eye
  • Giant Suit

Laser Cannon

Wonder Woman Grapple, Flight, Super-Strength. Boomerang Tiara, Lasso of Truth
Nightstreak Claws, Climb, Grapple, Super-Senses, Super-Strength, Web, X-ray Vision. Web Bullets
  • Ultimate Nightstreak
Big, Cracked, Hazard, Hyper-Strength, Invincibility, Flight. Rock Shards
  • Nightstreak MK.XIV
Climb, Electricity, Super-Senses. Bio Stings.
  • Dark Nightstreak
Climb, Hazard, Hyper-Strength, Mind Control, Regenerate, Super-Senses. Antimatter Goop.
  • Nightstreak MK.XLII
All Nightstreak and Nightstreak MK.XIV abilities. Electricity Bolts, Web Bullets.
Supergirl Beam, Flight, Ice, Super-Senses, Super-Strength, X-Ray. Heat Vision (beam), Super-Breath

Heroes (Hub & Free Play):

Name Abilities Weapons
Oracle Speed, Tech. Steamroll
Batwoman All Batman and Batgirl Abilities. Batarang
Red Robin (Jason Todd) All Robin and Nightwing Abilities. Wingding
Star Sapphire Flight, Heart Panels, Power Ring. Constructs
Starfire Beam, Flight, Super-Strength. Starbolts
Saint Walker Power Ring, Illumination, Flight. Constructs
Dark Robin (Daiman Wayne) Acrobat, Claw, Grapple, Stealth. Katana, Wingding
Power Girl
Alfred Glide, Shield. Serving Tray, Umbrella (normal)

Villains (Story):

Name Abilities Weapons
The Riddler Box Opener, Mind Control, Grapple Cane.
Catwoman Acrobatics, Claw, Grapple.   Whip, Claws.
Scarecrow Explosive, Mind Control. Fear Gas Bombs.
Joker Drain/Charge, Hazard, Box Opener Razor Cards (Batarangs, essentially; only one target at a time)
  • Demolition Suit
TBA Jack-In-The-Bombs, Razor Cards.
  • Flower Suit
TBA Joker Venom, Razor Cards.
Lex Luthor Deconstruct, Tech. Deconstructor
  • Techno Suit
  • Mecha Suit

Villains (Hub & Free Play):

Name Abilities Weapons
Braniac Tech, Magnetic, Flight, Invincibility
Braniac 13 (BigFig) Big, Cracked, Hazard, Hyper-Strength, Explosive, Flight, Magnetic, Tech, Telekinesis. Energy Bombs (explosive)
Atrocitus Power Ring, Cracked, Flight Constructs
Larfleeze Power Ring, Drain/Charge, Flight Constructs
Sinestro Power Ring, Mind Control, Flight Constructs

DLC Packs

Astounding Adventure Pack:
Name Abilities Weapons
Hunter Anderson (Nightstreak De-armored) Super-Senses, Tech. Web Bullets (from wristbands)
Caesar the Radiape (BigFig)
The Morlock King
Skeletrox (BigFig) Big, Beam, Cracked, Hazard. Arm Laser (Beam), Throw Head.
The Hacker Mind Control, Tech, Telekinesis. Data Jack.
Big Brother Beam, Cracked, Explosive, Hazard, Magnetic, Mind Control, Tech, Telekinesis, X-ray.
Supergirl (Black Costume) All Supergirl Abilities. Heat Vision (Beam).
Scarecrow (Sinestro Corps) Explosive, Flight, Mind Control, Power Ring. Fear Gas Bombs.
Power Girl (Red Lantern Corps)
Oracle (Restored) Acrobatics, Tech. Pistol.
Teen Titans Pack:
Miss Martian
Beast Boy
Hawk (Holly Granger)
Speedy (Mia Dearden)
Age of the Lanterns DLC Pack:
Raven (Sinestro Corps)
Superman (White Lantern Corps)
Hunter Anderson (Blue Lantern Corps)
Joker (Black Lantern Corps)
Wonder Woman (Green Lantern Corps)
Starfire (Star Sapphire Corps)
Harley Quinn (Red Lantern Corps)
Unknown DLC Pack:



  • Batmobile
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • Batwing
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???






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