Yay, congrats on giving Bill Gates what he deserved! ...Sorry for that tear in your shirt, by the way.
Current Age 21
Date of Birth February 20th
Gender Female
Species Humanoid Scarecrow
Location Unknown
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Height 9'03"
Weight 95 lbs
Sexuality Pansexual
First Appearance Sweet Invader

Killjoy is one of the major characters of Sweet Invader, specifically in Episode III, and is an evil character living off fire and flames, setting places on fire just to keep herself alive and well. While being evil, she is actually pretty sane and actually owns her own bean cooking business.


Sweet Invader

Killjoy appears in this game as a major character in the third episode, helping direct Valerie to the locations of the Four Glittering Gems.

Physical Appearance

Killjoy is a really tall woman with arms and legs that are those of sticks, having a feminine body and head - just like Syi. She has wild black hair going down her sides and back, and has deep red eyes and a red skirt, and has black skin. Replacing her right hand is a very long cutlass.




Killjoy is often misinterpreted as destructive and mad, although she's far from either, she actually sets fires just to fuel her body and has lived a miserable life and goes through the pain of raising children, which really grinds her gears. She's actually rather friendly and easily excited, although it is very, very easy to make her explode in anger.



Killjoy really, really likes Valerie for her determination and looks, and especially for her music, and has stalked her very, very much over the past years, even as a child. She really enjoys Valerie's presence and never tries to upset her.



  • Killjoy was originally going to appear in Master of Puppets, but as that story died, she instead became a character in Sweet Invader.
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