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Kill the Past is a 2015 science-fiction film directed by Exotoro. The film concerns the invention of a watch that allows people to know when they will die. A man known only as Dead Soul has cheated his death for thousands of years with the use of time travel.


In 2095, watches with the ability to tell when a person will die are invented, counting down to the seconds to their death. Although the death seems to be a fixed point in time, going back in time and replacing yourself in the past works as it tricks the universe into thinking that the person still exists, and the time traveler will loose their age they have gotten over the years. This trick has kept anyone with time travel alive for as long as possible, although they have to repeat those years that they were around in.


The film begins with a man known only as Dead Soul traveling back in time, where he finds himself in New York. He finds his past self, who he shoots and takes his place. The film proceeds to fast forward through his life, showing him winning bets and doing everything as if he has knowledge ahead of time. Towards the end of his life, it is revealed he has been living thousands of years through this method, and he proceeds to time travel again.

However this time, when he comes to kill his past self, his past self dodges and runs away. Surprised by this turn of events, the man chases his past self, who escapes via taxi. Dead Soul then proceeds to run after the taxi on foot, but quickly looses it.



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